The Ultimate Macao Hiking Guide – From Easy to Hard Trails

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Macao or Macau is a city that is located on the southern coast of China. It is officially known as the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Some will think that such a grandiose name connotes a vast republic, but Macao is a relatively small place with below one million residents. But that said, it is an excellent place for hiking. If you are a lover of hiking and you are interested in some of the most interesting hiking trails in Macao, then this is for you. 

Easy Trails – for Amateurs and Others

Macao as stated earlier, is a relatively tiny place with a lot of skyscrapers and one can hike round the entire region in just about sixty minutes. The following are some of the easiest options for all kinds of hikers, especially the amateurs. 

  • Guia Hill Hike

The starting point for this is the Rampa do Reservatorio and there are also some other less-known starting points. It is nestled in the Macau Peninsula and hikers often talk of the breathtaking views that it offers them especially from the top of the hill. 

Hikers who are thinking of what to do in Macau for just 24 hours will find this to be a particularly good option for them. It is close to all the important areas and it is accessible. The ferry from Hong Kong terminates a stone throw from the hill while the Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal is in the same proximity. 

  • Mong Ha Hill Trail

The starting point here commences from the Avenido do Coronel Mesquita Street all the way to Rampa do Forte de Mong Ha. The sceneries from the top are as stunning as the ones from Guia Hill. It has a lot of similarities with the Guia Hill, and it is used by many locals.

Hard Trails – for Experienced Hikers

  • Taipa Island Hiking

Taipa Island is one of the most prominent features of Macao and it is not a surprise that hikers find it very fascinating. It is the location for the airport and some of the most well-known casinos. There two principal sections of the island include Coloane and Taipa Village. 

There are three main hiking trails: the Grand Taipa Hiking Trail, the Small Taipa 2000 Circuit and the Coloane Trail. The Coloane Trail is the longest one in Macau and it offers a therapeutic walk and can take you up to 90 minutes from start to finish depending on your pace and speed. The starting point is the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion. 

As for the Small Taipa 2000 Circuit, it is relatively shorter and was launched in 2000 with the starting point being the Estrada de Sete Tanques. The Grand Taipa Hiking Trail is a hiking trail of average length. It gives great scenery of the island and takes the hikers to the highest level of Taipa Island. The Rampa do Observatorio is the highest point. 

Reaching Macau from Hong Kong

Hong Kong and Macau are in the same area and you can easily hop on a bus from Hong Kong to reach Macau and this is made possible because of the bridge built by the Chinese government. If you are more interested in the most comfortable and fastest way of transportation, you can patronize any of the helicopter services. Going by helicopter takes just 15 minutes and the cost is about 4,500 HKD. Most people are okay with the ferry which is also fast and take just around 60 minutes and ferries are always available. 

Where to Stay When in Macau

It is not hard at all for you to get an affordable hotel in Macau. It is a tiny place, and you will not sweat before locating the Grand Harbour Hotel. You can also check out more options on platforms like Airbnb, Agoda and Booking.  

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