The Ultimate French Riviera Road Trip

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The French Riviera Road Trip: A Romantic Getaway Itinerary

For anyone interested in what looks like fun all year round, the French Riviera is a vibrant dream come true. Visiting this coastal paradise will rejuvenate you like no other place as the French Riviera has an unforgettable soul of its own. The fascinating coastal towns located on the hanging villages in the Alps give a feeling that will stick with you for life. Even though it is an exotic and luxurious place, one never misses the genuine flavor in the air. 

Insert yourself in the alleys that have stood for centuries, eat nature’s gifts at the Provencal stalls and organize the most wonderful road trips ever alongside breathtaking views. Make your five days in the famed French region of the Cote d’Azur with your lover with this itinerary.

DAY ONE – Touring Cap d’Antibes and Antibes

This first day you can spend exploring the age-long city of Antibes and scouring around all corners of the Cap d’Antibes. If you are also lucky enough, you should step into Nice within the same proximity. Antibes is clearly one of the most scenic places in Europe, and the same applies to the Cap d’Antibes. For a place whose history stretches back to the 5th century from the Greeks, Antibes has leaped from prosperity to prosperity. 

Start your day in the Old City with a light French breakfast at any of the cafes; then, you can proceed to the antique market and tour the boulevard. You can pick up antique silverware, old books, or any other French souvenir items. Other places that you should explore include Le Marche Provencal, the Marina and the local cinema. 

DAY TWO – Exploring Eze, Nice, and Monaco

Nice is the biggest city in the French Riviera, and one of the largest in France and you will surely enjoy your tour there. It has all the features of a massive city, but it is not overwhelming like Paris. It has old quarters with its Italian flair. When you are done touring Nice, you can move on to the resplendent villages upon the hills and then proceed to Monaco’s pit stops. You can also tour the Cours Saleya Market for your typical European breakfast. 

From there, you head to the famous Eze Village for the Mediterranean view and some of the most unforgettable settlements in Europe. For those who are interested in having more fun, then take the road and head to Monaco – you can start your day there by a visit to the legendary Monte Carlo. 

When you are done for the day, move to Juan-les-Pins for your beach dinner. 

DAY THREE – Road Trips and Village Touring in the Mountains

Only those who have cars can really enjoy this. You can hire a car or driver and drive all over the region. Enjoy a tour of the villages of L’Escarene, Luceram, Peillon, Coaraze, Peilles and Contes. As you have five days – you can even tour other places like the Mougins village, Grasse, Valbonne and other villages sitting delicately on the mountains. 

DAY FOUR – Cruising from Cannes to Saint Tropez

This is one road trip that you must take on your fourth day. Witness the French Riviera’s majestic coastline, and you can even shop at any of the resort towns. The whole road trip is almost 100 kilometers, and you will surely be amazed with the first-class real estate. From Ramatuelle to Gassin and, of course, to Saint-Tropez and Cannes, this will be a fantastic leg of your trip. 

DAY FIVE – Beach Activities

Enjoy your last day by spending it at the beach, or you can enjoy as much sightseeing as possible. If you are a beach lover, start your tour from the shores of Cap d’Antibes before heading to the Plage de la Salis in Antibes or even to Nice or Juan Les Pins. Lovers confess that the charm of the beaches in the French Riviera is one reason that they can never stop visiting over and over again. This is an opportunity for you and your lover to create memories! 

Where to Stay in the French Riviera

For anyone who is interested in nonstop fun, it is good you focus on Nice. This city has an impressive boardwalk, lots of fine traditional cuisine, and a lot of casinos. It is one of France’s biggest cities, so you have a dazzling array of hotels, inns, and other forms of accommodation to select from based on your taste, preferences, and budget. 

For those who prefer the allure of an old town, your best bet will be Antibes. Here, you can soak yourself in the most stunning views of not just the Alps but also the Mediterranean. Antibes itself has its timeless walls and irresistible beaches. Even though Antibes is not as big as Nice, you will have a sprawling section of accommodation to select from. From local resorts to listings on Airbnb, there are enough choices for you and your lover. 

Useful French Riviera Travel Tips

  • Study the guide on Provence and the Cote d’Azur before you make your trip to the French Riviera. When you are eventually there, your five days will be fun with the guide. 
  • This location is a destination that is available all year round, but the ideal time to enjoy it is the shoulder seasons: the April-May-June and the September-October periods. This is because during these periods, the weather is at its absolute best and the people have not arrived in droves so you can enjoy the relatively-free roads. 
  • You can decide to walk around the major towns like Antibes, Nice, and Cannes or go by train or bus to move from one city to the next. But having a car is a significant advantage for you because you will be able to explore the countryside properly. 
  • Yes, scuba diving is an excellent option in the French Riviera. You will do well to reach out to any of the diving clubs within the Antibes proximity. 

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