The Role of Kriya in Removing Bad Karma


Most humans believe that our karmic seeds from the past remain buried in the subconscious mind and superconsciousness, consisting of three brains, the astral brain, the physical brain, and the conceptual brain. Dormant traces of bad habits and bad karma are very well embedded there, known to us as samskaras.

These traces of bad habits and bad karma remain inside the astral brain when someone dies, and they leave the body. They return back to the world or enter the afterlife phase. However, the Sanatan Dharma teaches that many latent wishes from past incarnations also stay and wait in the spinal region, ready to come out when karmic circumstances are accurate, ready to again germinate in a karmically defined time either mentally or physically.

An essential part of our life is our inner-spine. Since most modern-day humans do not meditate (and don’t understand the importance of it), we can’t stop our feelings from living in the three lower chakras of our spinal cord, which causes more than forty physiological and emotional imbalances such as criticism, worry, gossip, suspicion, and so on. All incomplete desires accompany us through our incarnations, and that every wish consists of specific forces with magnetic fields of repulsion and attraction.

All this energy in our lower chakras is unawakened and weak, locked up at the bottom of the spine as the influence of disgust drags it down like gravity directly into our five fundamental senses. You can sweat through and pay your karmic bills as they come or burn the effect tendencies and cause in the flames of Kriya meditation to evade suffering. When practicing Kriya, the current moves around the spine so quickly that it burns karma seeds as they are thoroughly baked.

Have you questioned how a few humans became noble beings, great self-realized masters, and gurus liberated or enlightened? The path to self-realization is Raja Yoga. What do you wish to be, a man living with a soul or a soul living with a body totally conscious of its divine nature? Shiva (Hindu god) would not have presented us with the liberating routines of meditation and yoga or the urge to know him if he were not planning to rescue us.

Hearing your conscience is important; that is Shiva’s cosmic intelligence moving through you. Every time you conflict with your conscience, you revert back to ego-consciousness, ignorance, and duality. We all have decent human intelligence, which forever lies to us, and we have our conscience and divine intelligence. If you choose wrong, your other decision is that of the unenlightened majority, who must go through hundreds of thousands of incarnations to be free from the karmic trap and enlightened as the earth moves around the sun in 365 days going around the twelve zodiac signs.

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