The Luxury of Time: 5 Exceptional Automatic Watch Designs

In today’s digital world, automatic watches may look anachronistic, but there are moments when you can’t always rely on your phone to look at the time. While your phone requires daily charging and quartz watches need new batteries, a good automatic watch operates on its own and is designed to last for decades.

This style of watch does not need any manual winding on the part of the wearer. Automatic watches are suitable for daily wear, and all you have to do is place them on your wrist.

There are practically hundreds of automatic watches for men and women available, but how do you choose one? You should get an automatic watch according to your personality and style.

To help you narrow down your choices, look at this list of exceptional affordable automatic watches:

Animalia from Titan

Titan Animalia is one of the most beautiful automatic watches that are exclusively made for women. The exquisite Rose Gold Dial of this automatic watch speaks of modern-day women’s courage and will power. With a beaten metal finish dial and crystal-studded case, it makes the perfect pick for those vibrant spirits who always wants to push for more. It’s also silent so that you won’t be bothered by the ticking.  This watch is an authentic piece of luxury on your wrist, with an air of divine beauty.

Sectoral Automatic Watch

This vintage style automatic timepiece should be at the top of your list if you want a watch that is both trendy and practical. This automatic watch is an encased silver skeleton that looks fantastic on the rose golf deal. With a soft brown leather strap, this piece emanates an old-age charisma. This is a classic automatic wristwatch that is suitable for enthusiasts looking for an ideal wristwatch for their collection.

Automatic Watch with Silver-White Dial & Brown Strap

The bold aesthetic of this open-heart automatic watch is unique and authentic to the modern age. The silver-white dial works well with the rose gold accents. Features include a brown genuine leather strap, buckle lock mechanism and mineral glass material, all speak for durability and a unidirectional bezel. The modern aesthetic makes this a common choice among watch collectors of a younger generation.

Maritime – Skeletal Automatic Watch

Maritime from Titan is a rare design influenced by the fearless sea. It is specially made for the tasteful man who appreciates the attention to detail. This timepiece has features that are crafted to catch the complexities of the sea. The water-green accents and boat-shaped wooden dial effortlessly capture the mood of sea voyages. The Miyota Skeletal 8N24 movement, the latest movement technology, is also used in these watches. You can choose this automatic watch to suit your personality and look stylish at work or a night out with friends.

Blue Dial Automatic Watch with Leather Strap

This automatic watch might look like a casual piece from far, but don’t be fooled by this. This automatic wristwatch’s architecture ticks all the boxes and then some more.  This one is a real authentic beauty, with unmatched style and efficiency. The Titan blue dial automatic watch for men offers all-day precision and durability anywhere you go.

Automatic watches are a perfect choice for daily use as compared to all the many styles of watches available. If you are looking for an automatic watch at great prices, you can explore websites like Titan Watches. They have a fantastic collection of automatic watches from top international brands in one place. Browse through a variety of watches and enjoy transparent pricing with the best deals online. 

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