The importance of Personal Priorities in Leadership


There are many aspiring leaders I’ve come across who tell me that they are aiming for success. Yet, they often neglect to address their personal priorities and the possible impacts and repercussions of these. The truth is quite often that each of us must prioritize getting our personal priorities straight and meaningful! 

Personal achievement is not solely about making more money or gaining more special powers, but for it to be sustainable and meaningful, one must address:

  1. Focusing on the greater good
  2. Making the implementation and creation of value a priority;
  3. Persevering the race of excellence

Without concentrating on one’s real priorities and needs, no one can ever attain true internal happiness, and without inner joy, no matter how one might succeed on different levels, he or she will never indeed be a success!

  1. Inner happiness rarely is entirely about succeeding in work or some other endeavor but instead must include how one genuinely feels about herself/himself and her/his life. Each of us must never live in a vacuum, and therefore, when we think about how our actions impact others, our capacity to feel better about ourselves is improved. One of the most critical preliminary tasks must be examining the question, “What will I do to focus on the greater good and approaching the greater needs of everyone I come into contact with?” Unless we take out the time, look objectively, and focus on turning our heads on right and embracing how we want to impact others, there can be no real success.
  2. Both providing true value and concentrating on how others perceive the value; we become better able and willing to work with others in a cooperative way to attain essential goals. Value means a readiness to address needs in a significant manner, highlighting the means and action, rather than solely the rhetoric or stated intent. We must ensure that the values we aim to present align directly with our own goals, securing absolute integrity and continuing in an organized manner toward their success.
  3. Successfully producing mediocre goals does not mean that we are successful! It is precisely the impacts and level of what we strive for that is often most indicative of our ultimate relevance. Excellence never means merely settling for less, and therefore requires elevated goals, aims, and ideals. The focus must always be on the greater good because we need to please ourselves by doing the right thing regularly.

Without having the basic priorities, how can we feel great about what we do? Achievements without personal priorities create inconsistency and aimlessness.

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