The best desktop office supplies needed for the workplace

Making a list of tools needed for an employee office is one of the main and most important tasks that every company is required to do. The office supplies needed for each job can vary according to different circumstances in each company. Among the most important factors affecting the office equipment checklist are the number of employees, the number of office departments, the amount of space and office space. In the continuation of this article, from the series of office stationery shopping guide articles, we try to explain to you the most important things necessary for preparing a desktop office supplies checklist, so that if you are the manager or purchasing agent of a company, you can list them at the lowest possible cost. Provide office equipment for your employees and equip their desks. We first describe the concept of office supplies and then fully describe the category of office supplies.

One of the most important parts of any office is the provision of office equipment and supplies. Office stationery is anything that is used in the workplace to write, archive, and do office work. Office stationery can be divided into desk accessories and desk accessories. Here are the office supplies used on the table:

Desktop calendar

All the staff and employees of your collection need a desktop calendar for daily notes and date information. The calendar is used to schedule meeting dates, letters, and to schedule appointments, and so on. Seeing the official holiday date also helps the employees plan better for their work and vacations. So having a calendar on each desk will be very important and practical. It should be noted that the number of desktop calendars you need depends on the number of desks in your office.

The pencil case is one of the most widely used desktop accessories that helps employees to put files and worksheets they use to further organize. A multi-level case is the best tool for managing administrative files and files. Cases are made of metal or sometimes plastic and are designed to have two or three floors and you can buy them according to your needs.

Quality office stationery

If you do not have a problem with spending, it is better to choose metal cases. Otherwise, we suggest you buy a plastic case, because most manufacturers use dense and quality plastics, and by buying it instead of metal, you can save a little on the cost of your office stationery.

Most employees deal with printed A4 papers and often contain important information that should always be kept, so collecting and archiving these documents is very important. Binder is always one of the most important items in the desktop office checklist.

Binders and files are tools that contain important documents, documents, contracts, and sheets and prevent them from being lost. Their cover material is often made of strong and durable plastic, which in fact is responsible for protecting the sheets. Among the features of this device, we can mention the existence of several paper covers in it, by purchasing each number of binders, several papers can be archived together and side by side. Instead of buying a lot of folders and covers in your workplace, you can save a lot of money by buying binders.


Carbon paper is one of the inexpensive copying tools that are always on the list of desktop office supplies. It is interesting to know that one side of carbon paper is impregnated with ink or blue or black pigment and it should be placed under the desired sheet and we can make a copy of our writings when writing, for example, when signing a contract, registering documents. Office, bank receipts and… are very useful. Carbon is a small and minor device, but in many cases, it is one of the key desktop office supplies.


A stamp is a small box that contains a pad soaked in ink. The stamp, as one of the most widely used office supplies, is used in any setting. When employees need to stamp on a piece of paper or take a fingerprint, then the use of the stamp is determined.

Specifications of quality office stationery

There are two models of stamps on the market, one is nano stamps, which are removed from your finger after using the ink, and the other is ordinary ink stamps that the ink stays on your finger for a while.

Punching machine

One of the most important daily tasks of many employees in the workplace is to archive documents, letters, letters, etc., which requires a strong paper punching machine. When buying this device, try to choose and buy quality products from the market, because it is one of the most widely used devices in any office, and if the quality is not high, it will be damaged or damaged very quickly.

Other important tools for desktop office supplies include staples, adhesive tape base, paper clips and paper clips, round bottom needles, and office pins that can be purchased when considering them, depending on the type and amount of use of each employee. 

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