Ten Traits You Want in Your Recruitment Agency

Are you looking for a job and finding the process difficult and stressful? Are you a business struggling to find skilled and productive employees? If so, it makes sense to work with one of the best recruitment agencies Galway has to offer: Schwarz & Vogel!

Today’s market is tough for everyone. If you are struggling to find a job in Galway by yourself, why keep doing the same thing and getting the same results? Make use of a highly professional and connected recruitment agency in the area.

Why should employees choose Schwarz & Vogel?

We can connect you with the roles that best suit your skills and ensure you make a great impression at work. We match you to the best positions, suited to the kind of experience you want to build and the career you are working towards. We also offer expert support on CV writing and interview preparation. While you earn an income you are also developing your skills and making yourself more desirable to future employers.

The key to building a great career in Galway is to have a recruitment agency on your side that already has a great network in the area. We are the first to hear when new positions become available. We will work with you each time so that you present your best possible application. Your best chance at finding and keeping a job you enjoy that will help you build the career you want is with Schwarz & Vogel in your corner.

Ten traits you want to see in recruitment agencies

  1. Knows the industry well and targets the best prospective candidates for roles by properly vetting them and taking the time to meet with company management.
  2. Understands the needs of the business and the needs of the employee and works as a real partner to help find a great match.
  3. Always looking for ways to move forward and make improvements.
  4. Really listens to job seekers and clients. At Schwarz & Vogel, we hear what you need and avoid rash decisions by asking the right questions and not taking shortcuts.
  5. Has a great understanding of different positions in the field and is able to break it down to find candidates that will work.
  6. Committed to offering top candidates to businesses in the area and always working to keep communications open.
  7. Every candidate is properly checked and met with in-person. No steps are skipped before sending them out to work.
  8. Makes sure that the candidates offered are of a high standard with comprehensive checks.
  9. Always honest. We do not misrepresent jobs to our candidates, and we do not misrepresent our candidates to our business clients.
  10.  Respectful communication. While we stay in contact, we are not aggressive with our calls and are always respectful with candidates and clients.

A team of experts with a great record

At Schwarz & Vogel, we have a great record for placing professionals successfully in all kinds of companies. On your own, finding roles that will help you progress and grow in your field can be daunting. With us, you have people who will work with you to find the right roles and to give you a better chance against your competition. The approach we use ensures we get to know everyone involved so that talented individuals find the best opportunities. With one of the hardest working recruitment agencies Galway has to offer, you can work towards the future you want.

Businesses are looking for something different in the recruitment industry. We are here to deliver the talent you want honestly and effectively. Things are different for employees too. It is about more than just salary, sick pay and benefits. Businesses need to offer more to show that they are inclusive and collaborative, working to better the world and to make their mark. We can offer people employment with businesses that offer flexibility, personal development and active engagement. Contact us today!

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