Sweden to introduce vax certificate by June

Sweden COVID

Sweden is driving the development of digital vaccination certificates. We now have a model that is simple, safe and versatile. I see these vaccination certificates being in place by the summer,” Anders Ygeman, Minister for Digital Development, told the media here on Friday.

Ygeman said he expected travel companies and countries to require internationally valid proof of vaccination in the future, reports Xinhua news agency.

“Today, many demand proof of Covid-19 tests and as the vaccine arrives, it is logical that they will demand vaccine certificates,” he said.

The certificate could also be used to access certain events or services in Sweden, Ygeman said, adding that provisions should be made to ensure that those who cannot be vaccinated will not be discriminated against.

The certificate would be accessible through digital identification and could be saved on a smartphone or in a digital wallet.

It could also be sent by regular mail either as a paper document or an NFC (near-field communication) sticker attached to the owner’s passport.

An encryption key would be attached to enable the verification of its authenticity at border controls.

Sweden has so far administered Covid-19 vaccines to 568,000 individuals, of whom 285,000 had already received two doses, according to the Public Health Agency.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Sweden ha registered nearly 685,000 coronavirus cases, while the death toll stood at 13,003.

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