Steps to ensure that editor picks your content


It’s an ever-changing world! Especially when it comes to the digital world, it changes with an every new viral content. Viral content need not necessarily be a blog or a video, it can a blog, a meme, or even a pun liner! The digital world is turning commoners into celebrities and stars over-night.

You consider all of the ingredients that make content go viral and write something, punny! Oh, I meant funny. And you submit it to the editor in hopes of getting great recognition or even better, a promotion. Only to your horror, your content gets rejected. Now how would you please the editor to ensure he picks your content? 

Certainly, complaining or comparing wouldn’t help now, would it? Here are some tips for you to improve on your writing, so you never get to see a rejection.

Free off of your mind

Sure some tricks and statistics out there suggest various rules to follow that won’t fail you. But that will only fetch more burdens on your head while creating content. Content writing is supposed to be free of restriction. Of course, a certain amount of obligations are needed to focus on a direction.

However, ensure to free your mind first and let it wander into the abyss. Once you get some clarity, you will be able to write the content pretty clearly. Do not think about the ‘viral formula’ that will impress your editor. He knows when you are being genuine and when not. 

The right editor picks the right content

You might have found the sorcerer’s stone and have great content in hand but it just isn’t going through? Maybe it isn’t going in the right hands. There is always a chance that your writing isn’t going to the editor’s desk either.

To make sure to send your content to the right person, you will need precise contact. There are wonderful email search platforms that will help you get the right email address. is one such platform that helps you in finding the right email addresses of the editors. It has a list of all the contacts of the companies around the world. You can take advantage of such platforms to expand your contact list.

Put yourself in their shoes

Just after you finished writing your masterpiece, get a break. Go for a walk and have a cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer). Get back to your content and reread it as if you’re editing someone else’s piece of work. This helps in weeding out the things that aren’t interesting for the readers.

The content editor does a lot of things other than just proofreading or cross-checking your grammar. He needs to edit your writing having the readers in mind and their readability factor, styling and, the accuracy of the content. And of course, the big SEO determinant too!

As they say, ”write without fear, but edit without mercy”. Make this your mantra and no one will stop you from being invincible. Also, it will make the editor’s life a lot less hard.

Know what to write

As said before, the digital world is changing at the speed of light (well, not literally. But you get it right?). This is eventually trickling down to changing the reader’s interest too. These days an average reader’s interest has become lesser than the memory of a goldfish. That means you need to catch their interest within the first 3 to 7 seconds.

Start with slicing your content into interesting subheads. Having bullet points always come in handy. However, it depends on the type of content you are writing. Use appropriate links and help the user by attaching few more hyperlinks.

Highlight your content in such a way that the reader can easily scroll through your content and read the crux of the topic in a glimpse. Have a clever break-up of paragraphs.

Comprehend your tools

There are a lot of tools available online to make a writer’s life easy peasy (to a certain extent). There are tools to check your grammar like Grammarly. Websites like google help you with SEO and their analytics help you make a smarter decision.

Email search tools like gives pieces of advice to you with all the email addresses you wish you had but can’t find elsewhere. There are brainstorming tools as well that will aid you to find the hot and trending topic.

While you write on hot topics, ensure it is diversified which intrigues your readers. The information that you share must be educating all while being entertaining. Find a new angle to your story when the whole world is just concentrating on one. This will give you a bonus point for being different.

All said and done, it is simple to write. But, the challenge is to write simply. Find your corner and get going…before the coffee turns cold (or do you prefer a tea?).

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