Steps to Create the Perfect Facebook Slideshow with VidAir

According to reports, Facebook averages more than 4 billion video views per day. Now this means that videos are slowly becoming the preferred content-sharing method on this popular social media platform. So, in today’s guidepost, we want to learn the simple steps to make a killer Facebook slideshow to boost your sales or share memories with friends. Keep reading!

Part 1. What’s a Facebook Slideshow?

Part 2. How to Make Facebook Slideshows Easily

Part 3: Tips and Tricks to Make a Slideshow Video for Facebook

Part 1. What’s a Facebook Slideshow?

First and foremost, a Facebook slideshow is a short video containing 3-7 still images with relevant texts. The images can be arranged randomly or sequentially. Typically, the perfect slideshow should have background audio, filters, and stickers where necessary. The primary aim is to grab the viewer’s attention as soon they see the video. Today, companies embrace photo and video slideshows as a cheaper way of reaching out to billions of Facebook users. 

Part 2. How to Make Facebook Slideshows Easily

If you’re looking for the perfect Facebook ads creator, look no further than Wondershare VidAir. This relatively new Wondershare product offers everything you need to make an eye-popping slideshow. With it, you can prepare a slideshow for your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok audience. It features thousands of free beautiful templates classified into multiple categories like travel, health and fitness, pets, etc. Users can make a slideshow with customized texts, logos, stickers, background audio, and so much more.

Below are the easy steps to create a Facebook slideshow using Wondershare VidAir:

Step 1. Log in and launch the Facebook Ads Creator.

Start by making a Wondershare VidAir account, then click the Explore tab after logging in successfully. Here, click the Facebook Ads Creator option. 

Step 2. Select a Facebook ads template.

If you’re a new user, click the Try Now button to view the available Facebook ads templates. You can also click Templates, choose a template category, then select a video template. The available types include birthday, travel, real estate, pets, and much more.

After selecting a Facebook ads template successfully, proceed to customize the layout as Wide, Vertical, or Square. Whichever design you prefer, press the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to launch the video editor

Step 3. Edit the Facebook ad template.

When the video loads up, you’ll see it divided into multiple 5-second sections below the preview screen. Select a specific portion, then click the vertical ellipsis (…) to reveal the editing options. You can trim, crop, duplicate, replace the template with a local photo, or delete the section altogether. To change the background color of the picture, click the Filter icon, then choose a new color. Repeat the process on all the slideshow sections.

Meanwhile, navigate to the left pane and then press the Text button to add text narrations to your slideshow. You can add a maximum of 200 text characters per section. Again, repeat the same process on all the slideshow templates.

In addition to that, click the Video tab to browse multiple video templates. Next, press the Photo button to select a new image from the hundreds of free options.  As for the Audio tab, you can choose the perfect background music from the VidAir library or your local storage. Plus, you can apply free stickers and click the Upload button to use local media files on your Facebook slideshow.

Step 4. Preview and save the Facebook ads slideshow.

Last but not least, click Preview below the template screen to see whether the slideshow cuts it or not. If not, edit it further. If everything looks clean and neat, press the Export button. Now choose the video resolution and whether to export it with or without the Wondershare VidAir watermark. Click Export again to process the Facebook ads slideshow and download it to your computer. That’s it!

Part 3: Tips and Tricks to Make a Slideshow Video for Facebook

While creating a Facebook slideshow might look easy on paper, not everybody can create an attractive slideshow. So, what’s the trick? Below are some valuable tips:

Use high-quality photos – You don’t expect views to trickle in on a Facebook slideshow with blurry images, do you? Therefore, make sure that the images you use on your photo slideshow are sharp and clear. 

Create short and precise slideshows – Another area where marketers go wrong is creating long and boring videos. It’s important to know that most Facebook users don’t like spending much time on a single piece of content. So, keep your slideshow as short as possible. A 30-second video should be enough to pass the message.

Use as many resources as you can – As said before, the perfect slideshow for your online followers shouldn’t appear flat and devoid of creativity. So, spice it up with a brief, colorful title, relevant background audio, filters, and so on. 


You can use a Facebook slideshow to grow your business brand leaps and bounds. But the trick is to create a slideshow that’s irresistible to watch by anyone who comes across it. Remember, the first slideshow section determines if the rest are watchable. So, make a killer introduction!

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