South Korea plans to fine Apple $265,000 for hampering probe

South Korea’s corporate watchdog said on Wednesday that it has decided to refer the local unit of Apple and one of its executives to the prosecution for impeding the regulator’s probe into unfair business practices.

The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) also said it plans to fine Apple Korea 300 million won ($265,000) for hampering the watchdog’s related investigation.

Apple Korea was probed by the KFTC over allegations that it required the country’s three mobile operators to pay the cost of television advertisements and warranty service for its iPhones.

Apple blocked internet access and did not restore it in an attempt to impede the KFTC’s on-site investigation in June 2016 into the company’s unfair business activities, according to the KFTC.

The company refused to submit documents on network disruption to the corporate watchdog, and one of its executives physically attempted to deter an investor’s related probe in November 2017, reports Yonhap news agency.

Last month, the watchdog approved Apple’s proposal to address antitrust business practices and support measures for consumers and small firms.

But the regulator decided to separately take stern actions against the company’s probe obstruction.

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