Slots With Free Spins Offer Real Money Or Are They Scam?


There are legitimate Free Spin offers out there to be seized, but it isn’t as simple as just saying they all are. It would be nice to give a straight and clear answer on this as it’s really important to be able to make sure we are not wasting our time. There is nothing worse than making some great profits from free spins, only to find out you can’t withdraw your winnings, whether that is through legitimate reasons that are simply annoying or whether it’s because the online casino was a shame simply after your personal details. Luckily, there are things that we can do to try and mediate both of these risks and allow us to simply enjoy our gaming and hopefully make some money in the process – check for more mobile casino platforms 2021.

Separating The Wheat From The Chaff

Using Well Known Casinos

So let’s talk about the things we can do to protect ourselves; how we can mediate the risk of accidently signing up to an illegitimate online casino. There are plenty of legitimate companies out there, so there are two approaches that we go with to mitigate this risk. The easiest method would be to only sign up with big name online casinos. Selecting only the high street names will guarantee that there is no risk of it being a scam. They are also in the public eye enough that if we believe that something has been done which is against legislated practises, then going to an ombudsman is much easier.

They will be able to contact the casino and have clear communication rather than the exercise in futility that searching for a con casino can be, on the internet. If someone really doesn’t want to be found it can verge on the impossible to track them down, especially when you consider they could be operating internationally. 

Checking Legitimacy

Using only big name casinos means you will run out of sign up deals incredibly quickly – there aren’t a lot of high street casinos out there. If we want more choice than this will offer then there are things we can do to check to see whether there have been issues with the specific casino as well as a few other checks we can make things safer for us.

Check Their Licenses

If you are still not sure, check to see if they display their licences on their site, if not, then it is probably a bad idea to sign up. There is legislation on having to display this information, we will find it at the bottom of the home page.

Search the casino online

Pick a search engine and search for their name. Use an advanced search and remove their website from the results. Using Google you could use the following example

E.g: Newcasino –

This returns any related results without the site getting in the way, you can also add keywords such as “scam” or “legitimate” at the front of the search to make it more specific.

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