Scotland Vacation: What To See Apart From Loch Ness?


There are many individuals out there who want to have a medieval experience. This can be visiting grand castles and century-old towns, and the best place to find them in Scotland. Even though their many nations deliver an antiquated feel, it’s nothing compared to the Scottish soil. Scotland will offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and with the help of Scotland tours, you will get the chance to visit some of the most mysterious and magical places. 

In the last decade, this amazing region finally got the attention it deserves and become one of the most popular European travel destinations. Edinburgh and Glasgow are crowded with tourists during the summer months. But what about the off-the-beaten-path gems? Planningtrip to Scotland will enable you to see the stunning landscape. Apart from that, there are many other things you can do here.

Things to see in Scotland

Given below are some of the best places, which you can see and explore when you are visiting Scotland. 

The Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle: 

The stone walls and towers of the Edinburgh Castle have been dominating the Edinburgh skyline since the 13th century. The castle is perched on top of a black basalt rock through which you view the entire city. You will also come across St. Margaret’s Chapel, the Crown Jewel, and the Stone of Destiny. There are also the bronze statues of the legendary heroes, Robert the Bruce and William Wallace. The Royal Mile stretches way down the steep escarpment of the most famous and elegant landmark The Palace of Holyroodhouse. Royal Mile also has many cafes, small shops, tea rooms, and museums. 

Stirling Castle: 

If you love visiting old-world castles, Stirling Castle is the right choice for you. This castle is the childhood home of Mary Queen of Scots, and also the palace of James V. Stirling Castle stands out as one of the best-preserved Renaissance structures within the UK. Each of the rooms and halls of the castle is carefully restored to its 1500s look. You will find the castle located between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Also, the castle is well-known for the Battle of Bannockburn, when Robert the Bruce defeated all the English Invaders in 1314. It also comes with a 264-step tower known as the Wallace Monument, from which you will get a stunning view.

Isle of Arran: 

The Isle of Arran is dubbed as Scotland in Miniature. This stunning island, which is located off the west coast is said to mirror the whole landscapes of the nation. The island consists of golf courses, rolling moors, sandy beaches, castles, rugged mountains, and fishing harbors. You can explore and visit all the areas around the island within one or two days. There is no need to go around the island by bus or car. You can easily walk and visit the Goat Fell Mountain and Brodick Castle. 

The Conclusion

 Scotland has many locations where you can spend quality time with your friends or family. The attractions mentioned in this article are just a few of them, as they are numerous other places that carry rich history and beauty. You can roam around the entire region and check out its other well-known attractions to ensure a great trip.

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