Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th March 2021


Love and Relationships

There may be some relationship expectations that you may need to discuss with your partner or your friends which may be a stepping stone for a successful love life. However, stay cautious and be aware of your emotions, as it may have an impact on your relationship. This week, you may feel a little different for one of your old friends, a more than friendship sort of feeling. If you are serious, only then take up this friendship ahead of and settle down soon with the one you are interested in. However, think twice before making any important decision.


This may prove to be a special week for students. They may outperform their studies which will be encouraging. At the same time, parents should support their children in all possible ways. Allow your kid to explore the academic areas of their choice. Additionally, keep a close watch on their activities and make sure that they remain in the right company of people and always follow an honest path. If needed, some counselling sessions, for both parents and children, can be undertaken. You are likely to feel more comfortable with its teachings. Try to be genuine in your efforts to make sure you excel in the subjects.


You may face some health issues this week. You need to stay cautious and maintain your well-being. Along with a proper diet, make sure you also have a sound sleep. There may be chances for headache and this may be due to hypertension. You may get tired and this will be due to overstress. The practice of meditation is advisable. You may be exposed to pain in your thighs. It will be most beneficial if you take care of your health before the situation gets worse. It would be a week where you will have to be more cautious to remain fit and fine.


This week is favorable for you to invest in some flexible savings schemes which may promote your monetary interests. It is likely to be a remarkable time for making some extra money through new part-time projects. However, this should not affect your studies. You have enough potential to be innovative and do something brighter. You may remain in a good financial position if you choose wise investments. At the same time, before making any financial investments, make sure you are confident about the results it may bring in the near future. Moreover, take decisions in matters related to finance after due deliberation. Only then you may have the desired outcome.


You are likely to be happy this week as you may get new job opportunities. You may be in a comfortable situation to carry out your work smoothly. You may have good opportunities, keep a track of it and you will definitely mark a good beginning over your work. However, there are possible chances to commit some errors in your work, but you may handle them efficiently. Also, focus and pay keen attention while executing your work. This week may be fruitful for you if you are involved in planning and marketing jobs. There are high chances that you may be appreciated for your creative work and efforts. Also, you may achieve the expected targets this week.

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