Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th March 2021

Love and Relationships

This week, you may be highly sensitive to your love and relationships. You may be elated on shaping a new relationship. You are likely to express your feelings to your partner clearly. However, you are advised not to be over-possessive or demanding. It can sour the new relationship and wither it soon. Additionally, you are advised to spend some quality time with your partner before planning to get married. You should try to maintain harmony and keep the relationship healthy. Also, try your best to make sure you are doing well in your relationship.


The week is favorable for your studies. If you are searching for overseas opportunities may find success coming their way. At the same time, you need to work very hard to achieve the desired goals in life. Extra efforts and new plans may be an added advantage in achieving goals. Students if they show their skills and talents to the right people may have a better image in days to come. Choose the path that you know will assist you. It would be helpful if you can work closely with your mentor and preceptor. They may give you perfect advice and help you to make your next move.


This week, you are likely to maintain good health and you will have a good balance in your routine habits. This will be possible due to your courageous attitude. Eat healthy and fresh food. Take due care of your children’s health. Take the needed medication. If you are planning to switch to vegetarian food, then this week is favorable for you to take the first step. This may improve your fitness level. If planning to raise a family, then make sure you are giving importance to your health. Meditation and yoga may help you to regain your energy level and maintain good health.


There may be surprising developments for your sign this week. You are likely to enjoy your financial stability. There are high chances of salary-hike or you may get unexpected gains from your past investments this week. You are likely to be satisfied with the gains that will come your way. It may be sufficient enough to keep you cheerful. If you are planning to buy a house, this week may be an auspicious time for it. If you keep a good balance with your expenses, you may be able to save some good money by the end of the week.


The week may yield productive results, especially if you are working as a businessman. With many challenges over the days, you may gain the strength and courage to take things up and in a light manner. However, it is vital to gather inner strength to face them bravely. Your increased commitment to work may make you spend more time at your workplace. You may receive constant appreciation from your seniors and colleagues. Besides, if you are planning to start a part-time job, then this week you may come across many rewarding opportunities. This may improve your scope and enhance your career prospects.

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