Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th March 2021

Love and Relationships

Romance and love life are likely to enhance this week, especially if you are single. Your desire to connect with your current partner or potential love may be magnified. You are likely to resolve all your fights with your beloved and you will feel happy. However, there are chances of misunderstanding with your partner. Hence, stay cautious and try to have clear communication in order to avoid any misunderstanding. You may have to pay some extra attention to your relationship if you are looking for a happy time with your partner. If married, then there is a possibility of friction this week. Moreover, your partner may tend to be a bit absent-minded and might misplace some of your valuable possessions or put them at a place where they might be stolen. This may be the reason for friction or stern fight. Try to understand your partner instead of getting aggressive. Be compassionate to them too.


Learning and education may be a bit difficult this week. Students may not show interest in learning anything new. In such a situation, make it a habit to revise whatever you have learned until now. Additionally, this may be a good time to revise and to improve your knowledge. Students appearing for competitive exams may fall short of the desired score. This can be disturbing. However, if you work hard, the scores are likely to be encouraging. Students pursuing a medical course are advised to work hard on their practicals. You may be asked to work as an intern and this may test your fundamental knowledge.


This week may have some sleepless nights, mainly due to work-related pressure. You are advised to balance your work and stress accordingly. You should make your health priority and try to improve your health and blood circulations. Try to complete all the work in the office and then work out your way forward. You are likely to be more cautious about your health this week and may even enroll for yoga or meditation related exercise. Try to keep your mind relaxed by enjoying proper sleep.


It may be a surprising week for you. If involved in any disputes to recover the money, an out of court settlement is foreseen for you. There is also a possibility that you may seek the help of a conciliator to help you to mediate and resolve the disputes. Besides, if looking for investing money in a foreign asset, then the week is favorable. However, you may need expert service or even the service of an attorney, who may help you to deal with the situation and even with the subject matter. The week is likely to be average for business entities. There are also chances of unexpected expenses.


Career and business may bring moderate results this week. If you are into business, there can be some slow down. Dealing with new entities may not be easy and less lucrative. There is a possibility that you may have to relook at your business strategies. Again, if you are looking for new opportunities, you may not be content with the development this week. Chances are that you may attend an interview but may not get the desired results. Even if you crack the interview, you may not get the desired monetary benefit that you have been looking for. You are advised not to go for a partnership business this week.

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