Reasons Flannel Shirts Are So Popular

You will find a lot of men and women loving flannel shirts nowadays. It’s no wonder why retail stores are stocked with these popular shirts. These shirts have enjoyed tremendous popularity and they can make for one of the most versatile shirts in your closet. Men love to wear these shirts for doing various activities including cutting wood or doing other handyman-type work. They are made with durability in mind and they tend to be very warm. As someone who runs a clothing store, you will want to stock your shelves with these shirts for various reasons. Here are a few of them you should consider.

1. They Are Warm and Comfortable

You will find no one disagreeing with the warmth these shirts provide. You will also find many agreeing on the comfort of a flannel jacket. After all, a lot of them are made with lightweight and breathable wool. This makes the shirts very comfortable in a variety of weather conditions. Some of them are made up of synthetic and wool fibers. Women tend to love wearing flannels when it’s cold outside because the shirts can keep the wearer warm and comfortable. Browse the best flannel jackets. It’s no wonder a lot of lumberjacks use these shirts as their uniform of choice.

2. They Are Gender Neutral

Another reason these shirts are so incredibly popular has to do with them being gender-neutral. They can easily be worn by every gender because of the versatility they offer. While men will typically wear these shirts for their ruggedness and durability for odd jobs, women will usually wear them based on the weather conditions. These shirts can offer the body a lot better protection from the elements than you would get with other shirts. That being said, while they are warm, they are also breathable making them practical even for warmer weather.

3. Can Be Worn By Any Age

These shirts don’t have a limit in terms of age demographic. You can ask any flannel supplier and you will find that everyone from men in their teens to those in their upper 60’s enjoy wearing flannels. Because they come in so many different styles and patterns, you will find so many different combinations that make them appealing to everyone. Likewise, they aren’t going to break down after a couple of wears. You can get a lot of use out of them because they are so durable. They can be marketed to any age demographic because of these things.

4. They Come In a Range Of Styles

You might be under the impression that these shirts are only available in limited styles and colors. As mentioned previously, that is not the case. They are being made in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. Manufacturers are capitalizing on the popularity of these shirts and they can meet any style preference because of the inherent versatility offered by the shirt.

5. They Aren’t Expensive

While they are popular and they are incredibly durable, they aren’t expensive. You may assume anything with such high demand and high-quality materials would be unaffordable, they aren’t. You will find a lot of flannels being sold for $20 or less. This includes high-quality and reputable brands like Carhartt and Pendleton who are well known for their both expensive and inexpensive flannel offerings for men and women.

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