Read This Before Signing up to turns more attention to intuitiveness and simplicity than most background check services, making finding the details you need simple and easy. This reliable yet user-friendly service also generates accurate reports. We wrote this Checkpeople review to help you decide whether you should sign up. 

The search bar is right at the top of the homepage. You type in the name, phone number, or address you want to look for here. The system will pull up a list of matches. If your subject’s name is common, you’ll get additional information to help you choose the right person. 

To access your report, you need to register and sign in. It’s not necessary to do this if you don’t need a report. This background check company doesn’t have a mobile app, but you can access it from almost anywhere.  

Functions and Features  

You can use reverse phone lookup to find out who’s behind the phone number that keeps calling you. Whatever the purpose of your search, it helps to have as much information as possible when starting out. In addition, you’ll get a list of your subject’s relatives on occasion, which might surprise you. 

Many people use to track down long-lost loved ones, friends, or former coworkers. The service gives access to information about their education, work information, and more.

What Real Users Are Saying

Most of the people using praise its Deep Web searches. All you need is a name and address to do this type of search. The Deep Web often has information about sites someone is associated with that doesn’t surface on Google. Moreover, you might even find their blogs or social media info. The background check provider sifts through public records as well as practically all social network databases. With so many sources of data, you’re sure to get something useful and relevant.

How can You use the Information? 

Apart from satisfying mere curiosity, you can use the background check service’s results for more personal reasons. You might want to screen a new neighbor, a romantic interest, or a new coworker. In addition, you can verify an online seller’s identity as well. 

There are some ways in which you’re not allowed to use the information you get. is not a consumer reporting agency, so you can’t use the data to make a hiring decision or screen a tenant. This information is provided, and details are explained on the website. 

Customer Service 

The clients of this company haven’t had any problems contacting support. Such is available online and by phone. To get in touch with them online, you can fill in a very brief contact form and they will get back to you ASAP. The toll-free phone number is accessible around the clock. You can also check out their FAQ page. is Completely Legitimate

Due diligence is critical regardless of whether you’re scoping out a potential roommate, new neighbor, or someone you met through online dating. This background check service looks at publicly available information in great detail. You might learn someone in your life has a criminal record, which is definitely something you want to know. Your safety is guaranteed because the software checks practically innumerable public records.  As a result, you will get accurate and current data about a potential or existing employee, a neighbor, an old friend, a relative, or a potential business or romantic partner. 

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