Ravi Puli Takes Charge as Co-Chair of TiE University Program


What is TiE 

TiE is the largest global organization of entrepreneurs dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.

TiE’s global network is in excess of 11,000 members, with more than 2,500 Charter Members in 60 chapters across 17 countries. Their mission is to foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking, and education. The team truly aims to help university startup founders and teams successfully launch and scale their ventures more rapidly. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community, the organization focuses on generating and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

TiE DC is a recognized leader in promoting entrepreneurship in the DMV region. The organization passionately believes entrepreneurship is the key to economic development and job growth, and has put forward a bold agenda to expand the base of entrepreneurs, surface new business opportunities by industry sector/emerging platforms, and enhance management training to increase the likelihood of success. TiE DC’s region extends throughout the Mid-Atlantic, from Richmond to Baltimore, with a centralized focus in the DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia (DMV) area.

NRI Ravi Puli Leading From Front 

TiE University was ecstatic to announce Ravi Puli as the Co- Founder and Chair of the TiE DC program and Co-Chair of the global program. He is a first generation entrepreneur based out of Washington DC who originally hails from a village in the South Indian district of Warangal. 

In addition to Ravi Puli’s founding role in TiE DC, he is also chairing his Chapter’s university outreach program during it’s crucial inaugural year. 

TiE says with a warm welcome, “Ravi brings to the team a solid combination of experience and tons of energy that will help steer the program to reach greater heights”. 

As a seasoned entrepreneur who has found enormous success in his earlier ventures, Ravi understands the importance of mentoring, coaching and networking for a Start-up. 

Speaking to NYK Daily about the need to elevate the Entrepreneurial ecosystem, he says “TiE University is a great program for all college students and recent graduates from 2019 and 2020 to get free coaching, mentoring and access to a wide range of entrepreneurs from the global network of TiE in 14 countries and 60 chapters. Students or budding business owners can find investors, advisors, co-founders and collaborators for their business ideas. There are also rewards at local chapters and global competitions which are worth a whopping $100,000 in cash and kind.”

Interestingly, TiE conducts global Hackathons which do not involve any participating fee and offer problem solving opportunities that allow a participant to assess their capabilities and goals. These hackathons are highly rewarding in terms of cash prizes, keeping aside the obvious benefits of networking, self-assessment and experience that one can reap from hackathons of this stature.

Elaborating on the nature of TiE hackathons, Puli says “Every student will either work for a company or start his/her own business either from the time one is in college or soon after graduation or at any other point in life. If one doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur, he/she can still be an active part of the professional world by being a problem solver. The problems posted by a variety of businesses during the global hackathon will be a great opportunity to find a myriad of professional roles in the form of internships, jobs or even co-founders to a business problem of one’s domain. Students are also presented with the fruitful opportunity of earning cash prizes for being the winners of hackathon.”

Additionally, the TiE programs are free of cost to participate in, and participants from anywhere in the world are welcome to send their entries. The current year events are virtually organized and every student is encouraged to take part. 

Please refer to more information about the program at www.tieuniversity.org 

Being a Co-Founder of the TiE DC University programme is not the first time Ravi Puli has been an impactful asset to the dramatic development of an organisation. He is the Founder and CEO of another firm “International Solutions Group” that has won awards such as Inc 500 and Deloitte Fast 50 & 500 among others for it’s rapid growth and contributions to technology, industry and society. International Solutions Group, Inc.( ISG) is an  IT services company that offers a plethora of IT solutions to its clients. ISG focuses on driving business value through technology innovation while transferring knowledge, satisfying customers, and collaborating with our partners.

His entrepreneurial expertise landed him a coveted place in the US delegation that accompanied former US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump to Hyderabad, India to participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. 

Another feather to Ravi Puli’s entrepreneurial cap is that he is an Entrepreneurship Fellow from the Robert H School of Business, University of Maryland.

Despite his rapid growth into a powerful businessman to be reckoned with, Ravi remains a community oriented person at heart who strongly believes in giving back to the society. He fulfills his goal to serve humanity through his position as an Executive Board Member at “Pratham”, one of the largest Non-Governmental Organizations in India’s education sector. It uses low-cost, scalable methods and works in partnership with government and community stakeholders to vastly improve the quality of education for underprivileged children and youth across India. Pratham’s mission is to ensure “Every child in school and learning well.”​ Pratham USA is a volunteer-driven organization with 14 chapters across the US, raises awareness and mobilizes financial resources for Pratham’s work on the ground. It has earned a coveted 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s leading charity evaluator, for nine consecutive years. 

Moreover, his contribution during the COVID-19 Pandemic was noted by the world when he booked a flight to transport over 250 stranded Indians in the US to their native city, Hyderabad. Once he realised that booking a flight for everyone through the Indian Embassy as a part of the “Vande Bharat Mission” could be daunting, he booked a private one to ensure everyone got home safe. Him and his team of 20 people under the US-India Solidarity Mission worked relentlessly for weeks to get the required clearances from multiple agencies across three countries. What made his noble actions even more spectacular is that he had no association to the aviation industry whatsoever and yet managed to achieve such a feat. He humbly expressed gratitude to the Indian embassy in Washington and Qatar, the Ministry of External Affairs, Civil Aviation and the Governments of India and Telangana for their cooperation in arranging the flight.

Puli’s response to any crisis has always been noted by many in the Telugu US community, the overall Indian community and beyond. 

A true Telangana Abbāyi, Puli truly believes in the spirit of uplifting others – he is always exploring and creating avenues to help the Indian community lead a wholesome life professionally or otherwise. 

It’s heartwarming to see individuals making a difference to the world who mindfully assert on a holistic development of individuals – be it guiding a rookie entrepreneur on revenue models or uplifting a common Indian man trying to make it big.

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