Pisces Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th March 2021

Love and Relationships

Some challenges are foreseen this week. You may have an aggressive attitude and that may have a negative impact on your relationship. Try not to get into argument and avoid unnecessary discussion, else it may create more challenges in your relationship. Commitment is going to play an important role in your relationship, hence try to keep your promises made to your partner. There may be communication gaps or harsh communication may hurt your partner. There are chances of a foreign trip with your spouse. There may be an important conversation with your partner this week. You may also get gifts from your partner. Your spouse may organize religious activity at home and ask for your help in that.


You may get more inclined towards occult science. For the student who is in research may get success related to the project they are in. School education may get disturbed because of not understanding the subject. You should ask for help from your parents. The student may get stress as you may have to refer to more than one subject at a time. This week you need to work carefully and take one step at a time. Learning a new skill may improve your study. You may get good news related to competitive examinations. Try not to get into the wrong company or friends, as it may have a negative impact on your studies.


You need to make your health your priority and just focus on yourself. This may boost positive energy in your life and help you maintain good health. Stars are giving a clue that you should come in contact with nature and enjoy the happiness of good health. Workload and lack of exercise may give health challenges. Meditation may give a night of good sleep and also a comfortable lifestyle which is required for good health. Try to spend some quality time with nature. You should avoid long hours of work. There are chances of nerve pain this week. Eye related health issues are likely to occur this week. Stay cautious and take care of your health.


This week may give you average results. This week you may plan to change the interior of your house, thus there are chances of expenses. If you are planning to buy a new home then this week you need to work on verification and research before investing lump sum money in that. Don’t make any major decisions related to land and property this time. Traveling related expenditures may occur this week. There are also chances of expenditure on religious activity. You may get financial gain from a small trip related to your job. The health of family members may give unplanned expenditure to you.


You may get new responsibilities this week. There are chances of positive changes in your workplace. There are high chances of transfer or sudden change in job. Short distance travel is on cards this week. You may get opportunities for new business far from your homeland. You may face some challenges in your business. Thus, stay cautious and be prepared for the risk and solution for that. If you are in foreign-related business or import and export business then this week is not favorable to make any major changes in the business plan.

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