Personalized Engagement Announcements for Your Special Occasion

Sharing engagement news is a special part of any couple’s life. Therefore, to mark this significant occasion, you will need customized engagement announcement cards to help you communicate the news to your loved ones. Look no more if you require assistance with your engagement announcements for your occasion. With MixBook, you can never go wrong as there are hundreds of templates to choose from, and you will always be sure to find photo cards that fit your unique style and needs. When you want to share the wonderful news with friends and family, do it in your style and let them know how special of an occasion it is for you.

Why choose MixBook

There are reasons why MixBook is one of the leading photo card creators for any occasion. People who go for their services always come back in the future and have only good reviews about the services offered. That being said, the significant reasons that will make you settle for MixBook include:

A wide variety of cards to choose from

At MixBook, you can never run out of options. You will get the right card for you and your partner to share your engagement news with the world. From traditional cards, if you are a lover of classic trends to more colorful and modern styles, you will find the right type of card to suit your unique style.

The filter option also works to your advantage as it will help you sort through the available cards and themes and select the one you feel compliments your personality.

Personalized cards

The team at MixBook focuses on offering personalized services that capture the love between you and your partner. Gone are the days of cards for the masses which could not provide you with that personal touch. You can upload your photos and communicate your ideas of how you would want your card to look.

Therefore, the final product will be an engagement card that will perfectly resonate with the love you share with your partner. The family and friends who will get the opportunity to receive one will understand the joy and love you share as a couple.

High-quality printing material

After you customize your card, the next important step is choosing the printing material and finishes that will be applied to your card. Thankfully with MixBook, you will get top-quality material and finishes that will complement the personalized theme you chose as a couple.

You will be accorded exquisite finishes, subtle quality textures, in addition to free backgrounds and stickers. The paper choices at MixBook include:

  • Premium 110 lb. silk paper
  • 100 lb. paper
  • Smooth matte paper

The team at MixBook can also add finer details such as real foil embellishments. This will add to the luxurious look that you might be looking for and add that little bit of shine and sparkle to match your glowing smiles.

Get your engagement card from MixBook

Visit the MixBook website and start the journey of creating that all-important engagement card that you and your partner crave. There is a chat box where you can consult and share ideas, and therefore you can be sure to get the card that will match your beautiful occasion. 

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