NYC vs. LA: Which is Better New York City or Los Angeles?

New York City Vs Los Angeles

The battle of the famous East versus laid back West is one of the greatest rivalries in the world – and when it comes to major cities, there are only two significant players. Leading the East coast team is the colorful metropolis of New York City and whacking for the West Coast is the City of Adorable Angels, LA (Los Angeles). Whether you’re a citizen of one of these iconic towns or you’re planning a tour there to see for yourself, here we traverse the differences between these two emperors of the shoreline – letting you make up your own free mind on the undisputed champion.


  • East: NYC (New York City) is the land the fash pack calls home, pounding the Manhattan streets with a Starbucks coffee in one hand and holding the latest ‘it’ bag in the other. The east shore is fashion-forward with buttoned-up blouses, tailored lines, designer names, and power dressing – picture Anna Wintour their queen and Vogue as their bible.
  • West: Over on the opposite side of the United States, the Westerners are busy rooting themselves as the embodiment of casual cool. Fresh, fun, and laidback in the California sun, just-thrown-on layers rule the roost. I don’t think they haven’t tried, though; the sunshine state’s residents put just as much thought into their clothes – but they’d rather die than admit it.


  • East: Traveling at a million miles an hour and on the go 1440 minutes a day, New Yorkers are famous for being driven by success. The emphasis here is on career and education, leading to an affluent and high-flying life. It’s a dog-eat-dog environment in the Big Apple, and if you don’t ensure your own triumph, there’s only one individual to blame.
  • West: The West coast is usually much more laid back than its East Coast equivalent. A slow pace of life honors the sunny LA weather, with inhabitants tending to make ends meet all over the store instead of focusing on the career-ladder climb. There’s a lean towards wholesome living too, with surfing and yoga a big part of many residents’ lives.

Drink and Food

  • East: The city that is always awake, the New York City nightlife is absolutely unrivaled. With bars ranging from Williamsburg’s hippest hangouts to the most ostentatious cocktail hot-spots of Soho, there’s something for every budget, taste, and lifestyle. The same goes for food, with New York City a place where you can pick a pizza at 4 am, seven days a week, with delivery available 24 hours a day.
  • West: With the hyper-conscious LA folk at the center of the action, the West Coast is excellently healthy. The latest juices, detoxes, and cleanses are on everyone’s mouths. However, if you’re not into the regularly teetotal lifestyle, there are plenty of laid-back bars dotted along the beaches to delight your mind.


  • East: The east coast has four distinct seasons, ranging from a gentle and mild summer to a snowy and bitter winter. You might not catch a tan in New York City, but many directly fall in love with the wild yet fresh new feel of the refreshing blossoming spring or the December and January Christmassy festiveness that the winter chill brings.
  • West: If you love the sun and light, the West Coast is your mecca. Sun, sand, sea, surf – Los Angeles’ got it all. What more could you really ask for than year-round bright blue skies and balmy, hazy temperatures? If you don’t like the cold and hate the rain, the West Coast is your distinct winner.


  • East: The East is all about free travel by walking the street. It also has a bus network and an extensive subway under its belt. What’s more, the famous yellow taxis will drive you wherever you wish to go – if you could manage to flag one down ( I can’t), that is!
  • West: You won’t make it far along the West shore without being able to self-drive, but you’ll surely savor the scenes while you do. The public transport system leaves much to be desired but hire cars are aplenty, along with lots of advice on where to pick them.


  • East: From the world-famous brownstone townhouses to the expensive and luxurious Upper East Side apartments, New York City has a home for everyone. Whether you want to end up treating yourself to a view over Central Park, or you’re headed to the Bohemian Greenwich Village, there’s a whole host of New York City Hotels to accommodate every budget.
  • West: The sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles encompasses an area so big it’s like a cluster of the city after city. The accommodation and neighborhoods vary accordingly, from the bohemia of Venice beach to the mansions of Malibu. And of course, you’ve got the chance to wake up to picture-perfect sea views and whale watching los angeles every morning.

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