Mobile Security Threats that You Must Not Ignore

Mobile security is one of the major concerns of every organization. Technology has made our lives incredibly easy, and there are no two ways to it. We cannot deny or refute the existence and importance of technological innovations in our lives, no matter how much some of us might feel enslaved to the same. However, these boons that technology has bestowed upon us come with a catch. With increasing accessibility to the online space and data, concerns for security has been growing, and instances of data breaches have also risen significantly. That is why it is imperative that organizations pay attention to potential mobile security threats and take the required action to combat these threats.

Employees and employers of nearly every organization use their smart devices to find access to corporate data. This leaves the data vulnerable and prone to breaches. Therefore, it is important that organizations take enough measures to check these threats and learn about the most common mobile security threats. In this article, we shall look into some of these threats that one must not ignore and see how they can be mitigated on time.

Data Breach and Leakage

Perhaps the most common mobile security threat that organizations of every scale face is that of data breach and leakage. Hackers are always aiming to prey on innocent victims and steal the sensitive information of corporations. There is enough literature on the instances of data leakages that companies have faced over the years. That said, data leakage seems to be a pertinent issue even in 2021, and a costly one at that. One of the most intriguing and concerning aspects of data leakage is that it is not always about hackers trying to steal the data. It is also a matter of users making poor decisions regarding which apps to allow access to their information.

Data leakage is also a major concern for the gaming and gambling industry. Websites like are safe and secured, and they abide by the rubrics of customer safety. However, even with all the measures, there still remains a chance of data breaches. That is why it becomes mandatory to pay attention to this vexing issue and use advanced data loss prevention (DLP) tools to offer as much protection as possible.

Interference in WiFi

A mobile device shall be rendered useless if there is no proper network or internet connection. This, therefore, makes mobile devices only as secure as the network that it consumes to transmit data. In this technologically advanced era, where we are continually connecting our smart devices to mobile phones, our data might not really be safe. This might not be much of a concern in home networks. 

However, studies have indicated that corporates connect to WiFi networks thrice as much as cellular data. This makes them susceptible to threats and security breaches. It has also been observed that about 4 per cent of devices that are used by the corporates face a man-in-the-middle attack. This is an instance where the flow of communication between two ends is interrupted and intercepted.

Experts suggest that the best way to combat this issue is by encouraging organizations to adopt a zero-trust network access model. This shall help them secure their data to a significant level and make them less susceptible to hacks and interceptions.

Poorly Structured Password

The last mobile security threat that we shall talk about in this article is that of poor password hygiene. This might not sound like an important issue to you now. However, you can rest assured that a password hack is one of the most common and vexing security threats faced by organizations of every scale. Most often than not, people do not pay attention to the passwords that they come up with for their emails and accounts. This leaves them open to cyberattacks and data breaches. Each year, thousands of organizations fall prey to this threat.

Studies have shown that most people do not use 2FA or do not know what it is. Plus, it has also been seen that people prefer using a password manager to store and remember their passwords. This makes it incredibly easy for hackers to hack the password manager and steal the passwords. Employers and employees are also guilty of using the same password for their professional and personal accounts. Therefore, using 2FA and generating stronger passwords are the needs of the hour if this worrisome mobile security threat is to be combated.

To Sum Up

Each year organizations and individuals fall prey to the aforementioned security threats. However, it shall be inane to assume that these are the only mobile security threats that one must be careful about. There are several other ways in which the privacy and security of our smart devices can be compromised. That is why it is essential to enlighten ourselves and stay ahead of the curve.

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