Make or Break: Positive Enthusiasm in Leadership

Enthusiasm- Happy Child
Enthusiasm- Happy Child

Enthusiasm is such an exciting notion and word. You can have confidence in anything, including things that are positive and negative. I have known enthusiastically negative people! They get all excited, aroused, and stand tall on their soapbox about all the stuff going wrong in their days. They like to play the blame game and find comfort in becoming the victim. They seem to thrive on informing others of all their dejected news. Misery does love company, right? Have you ever known someone like this? It’s easy to get sucked in, right?. I think we all have come across people who live their lives like this, in a state of continually complaining.

Just ponder: what if those people could turn their extraordinary level of enthusiasm into positive vibes. What if they could scream to the highest hill about all the beautiful blessings in their days? What if they were able to honor their victories and not keep giving authority to their troubles? Do you think that gradually their energy would attract people into their lives instead of repelling them? I believe this is a very achievable goal.

I know we all get into a cynical slump now and then, but are you one who has found comfort there? Are you someone who would instead complain and constantly blame others than take the blame and change for the better? If you tend to be a “Negative Nelly” or a “Negative Nate,” then there is a trial for you to become positive!

The noun enthusiasm comes from the Greek word enthousiasmos, from enthous, meaning “possessed by a god, inspired.” 

Many leaders don’t remember or realize that we are all part of God, which is the purest form of love. Our natural state is love, joy, and enthusiasm. Have you ever seen a newborn who did not hold these qualities? Only when we begin to grow and interact and communicate with the world will we lose this “magic”. 

  1. We lose sight of our wonderful way of being. 
  2. We lose our joy for life; 
  3. We forget we are in love.
  4. We lose our joy.
  5. We soon throw ourselves in our day-to-day routine with a lack-luster demeanor! 

It really doesn’t have to be this way; let’s get enthusiastic in a positive light!

Enthusiastic people are attractive! So, if you hang around negatively excited people, you may catch what they are carrying! Wouldn’t you instead catch some enthusiasm in a positive light? I know I would! So… we must first become confident about the positive things in our lives and release the need to broadcast the negative happenings in our days. The more we concentrate on the good, the greater the good will grow. Then we will draw other positively passionate people into our lives, and the chain continues.

People who are living passionately are contiguous and healthy. These leaders are way more productive, reach after setting their goals, and smile more. These leaders are more outgoing, have more friends, and make more robust choices when eating. That sounds perfect to me, doesn’t it seem reasonable to you? It sounds much better than being downtrodden and mourning all the time.

So, focus your energies on attaining positive enthusiasm in life, and you will be able to make a memorable and happy life for yourself and your followers.

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