Major Causes of Yellow Teeth and Solutions for Them

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The very first thing that anyone observes about a person they come across during their day is their smile. A white, bright smile is much more appealing to most individuals than one that is dimmed by yellowing teeth due to aging or other causes. Having a less than ideal smile can be awkward to deal with and may even stop someone from smiling, no matter how comfortable they may be. There are ways to deal with yellow teeth and tactics to employ that will help you to dodge that situation altogether.

Possible Reasons for Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth can happen for various reasons, some of which are beyond our control, but there are others that we can simply duck. The aging body can take its toll on our teeth, making them darken over time. They will move from a dull white to a light brown or gray. Injuries to the teeth or gums can cause an enamel darkening, as well, and nerve damage will cause yellow to almost gray spots to show on the teeth the nerve is linked to.

Reasons for discolored teeth that are well under our power and can be dodged have a lot to do with what we drink and eat every day. Drinks with a high amount of tannic acid in them, like tea, coffee, and some alcoholic beverages, can cause our teeth to become stained and discolored. Sugary drinks do not inevitably cause yellowing to happen, but they can cause the enamel to become pitted and absorb stains from the meal we consume. However, the number one cause is smoking, with the double whammy of nicotine and tar leaving behind a dark film that no regular brushing can ever reverse.

Preventive Techniques

The most straightforward preventive technique, of course, is restraint. To have a white smile all of your days, simply dodge overindulging in tea, coffee, and wine, and most of all, quit smoking or, better yet, do not begin this deadly addiction at all. It has more consequences on your overall health beyond yellowing your teeth, after all. Keeping sugary drinks to a minimum can also help stop discoloring your teeth.

If it has already begun, the next most helpful thing to do is to use shielding toothpaste and follow good oral health. Whitening or bleaching pens are available on the market for spot whitening, or you can try home whitening systems to adjust the color of your teeth. These can prevent further yellowing and may nullify the effects totally. The best way to effectively reverse the process is to visit your dentist for some cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, there are few natural ways as well. Here are the top four.

  1. You can use a paste made of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to remove plaque buildup and bacteria in your teeth. It is a tried-tested remedy you can employ at your home.
  2. Coconut oil pulling is said to remove bacteria and plaque from the mouth, which helps to whiten teeth. 
  3. You can use Apple cider vinegar in minimal amounts to whiten teeth.
  4. ’It is said that eating raw vegetables and fruits with a high-water content can help to keep your teeth white and healthy.

As it is always said, prevention is better than cure. So, if you want a perfect and confident smile, stop smoking, minimize coffee, tea, and wine intake and practice oral hygiene. 

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