Life of Table Tennis Player Wang Hao


Considering the huge strides Wang Hao made in the table tennis community, 37 year’s names will not be forgotten so quickly. As far as the Chinese table tennis community is concerned, Wang Hao is a legend. Wang Hao was born on the 15th of December 1983.

Aside from his home town Changchun, China, Wang Hao has made indelible footprints at the international table tennis stage. 

Interestingly, Wang Hao’s table tennis career has spanned more than 16 years. After a beautiful career, Wang Hao announced his retirement at a friend’s party. Although most table tennis fans expected his retirement, it came as a surprise to others.

There is so much to write about Wang Hao. Let’s take a sneak peek into his background, career, and personal life. 

Wang Hao’s Playing Style

Like most Chinese ping pong players, Hao preferred a penhold grip. Unlike other players that preferred penhold grip, Hao had good attacking and defense skills. He was able to generate a huge amount of spin on the forehand side. 

Remarkably, Hao could also use the reverse-side penhold compared to other players. Like they say “practice makes perfect”, Hao practiced this style till he mastered it. Initially, this pattern of using the reverse side for backhand was not appreciated by most players including his national teammates. 

However, after seeing how effective Wang Hao has used this style to win matches, most Chinese players have begun to adopt this playing style. 

Highlights of Wang Hao’s Career and Championships

Wang Hao won his first championship as far back as 1996. He was part of the team that won the provincial championship in 1996. Then two years later, Wang Hao turned pro and eventually joined the Chinese National Table Tennis team. 

Wang Hao is considered a legend in a Chinese table tennis game because of his numerous achievements. Although he never won a gold medal at Olympic singles Games, below are some remarkable achievements in the table tennis sport:

  • 2004 Olympics: Silver MedalSilver medal, men’s singles
  • 2004 World Cup: Bronze medal Third, men’s singles
  • 2010 World Cup: Gold Medal Champion, men’s singles
  • 2010 Asian Games: Silver MedalSilver Medal, men’s single
  • 2012 Olympics: Gold Medal Champion, men’s Team.
  • 2013 World Table Tennis Championships

Wang has traveled the world and won different championships both at international and local table tennis tournaments. In total, has won more than 25 medals since he started his career more than 2 decades ago. The last Wang Hao won was in 2013 at the World Table tennis championship.

Personal life of Wang Hao

Like most Chinese table tennis players, not much is known about Wang Hao’s personal life. However, Wang Hao is currently married to Yan Boya, a dancer. The couple met in 2010 and dated for 1 and a half years. 

Three years later Wang and Yan tied the nuptial Knots at the Changchun, Northeast of China’s Jilin province. Both couples were 29 years at the time.

Interestingly, that same year, Yan had a son named Wang Ruiting. After the birth of his son, Wang said he would prefer his son to pursue another career instead of playing table tennis. According to some reports, Hao’s father Wang Zhongquan is his biggest fan.

How much is Wang Hao Worth?

Although it is not clear how much Wang is worth, from his salaries and endorsement over the years, Hao is estimated to worth between $10 million to $14 million.

Usually, individual net worth is estimated by calculating the value of their assets minus their debt. Consequently, whether Wang Hao has made huge investments that will take care of him after retirement is quite clear. 

Life after Retirement

It is not clear whether Wang Hao plans to do any other activity besides table tennis. Most Chinese retired table tennis players have all ended up building a career in coaching younger table tennis players who use much of the table tennis guides and equipment available to them. Very few retired table tennis players have entered the business environment. 

However, Deng Taping and a few others have succeeded in using their names to create brands. Generally, life after retirement has not been easy for table tennis players to adopt to 

Wang trained in military discipline from an early age before he switched to table tennis, so it is most likely that he may continue in that career path. Also, Wang has openly said he would not engage in show business as he doesn’t like it.


Finally, Wang Hao has made an indelible mark as far as the table tennis sport is concerned. At some point, he was ranked the No 1 table tennis player for 27 consecutive months by the ITTF. Even though Wang chooses to retire early, he still has some playing ability left in him.

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