Libra Weekly Horoscope 28th March – 3rd April 2021

Love and Relationships

This week is likely to bring an average result for you. It may neither prove to be too propitious nor very adverse. But this week, you may not be able to express your feeling clearly to your beloved. There are chances that you may commit certain mistakes, which can affect your harmony in the relationship. Also, your beloved may remain upset with you, hence, you are advised to communicate clearly with your partner keeping his/her mood in mind. If you are married, then the week may prove to be favorable. However, there are chances that your partner may exhibit aggressive behavior which may have a negative impact on your marital life.


This week, you need to work hard and concentrate on your studies. Students pursuing engineering may face some challenges this week. Moreover, this week may test your patience as results may not commensurate your efforts that you will invest. Do not lose patience, as all this is a part of your life. Those who are planning to undertake internships are advised to take a good understanding of the role that they are supposed to undertake. This may help you to understand your key role and may enable you to learn and practice what is needed. Also, jot down the important points to make your project report easy at the end of the session.


In terms of your health, the week may prove to be quite promising for you. In particular, the middle of the week may remain good. However, there are chances of eye-related problems, insomnia, or leg pain. Hence you are advised to stay cautious and not to panic about your health. You can practice meditation regularly to keep all the health problems at bay. Take care of your health and also follow a healthy diet to remain fit and fine.


This week may remain positive for your finances. You may remain quite influential in terms of wealth accumulation. The inflow of income is likely to increase, which may help you strengthen your financial status. Other than this, the blessings of Lord Surya may also help you to earn monetary gains from the government sector. If you are working in the government sector, then this week may enhance your financial prospects. Short distance trips may prove to be a bit difficult but that may help you to open paths to success and gains for your future.


This week you may get many growth opportunities for your career. You are likely to make progress and your professional life will also slowly attain stability. Your hard work and efforts may yield you the fruitful results for your career. If you are involved in any business, then both you and your partner may have to work harder to achieve the desired success. As a result of your diligence, you may be able to crack many good deals. There are high chances of good returns from foreign sources. Hence, try your level best to establish good contacts with them. Overall, this week may bring many positive changes in your career.

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