Libra Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th March 2021

Love and Relationships

This week may bring harmony and happiness for you in your home and your relationships. You may spend much time with those who are dear to you, so take advantage of these special moments. Do not be afraid to let your hair down in the company of loved ones and just have some fun together. Forget all those tasks which have been weighing on your mind recently and just enjoy yourself. If you are married, you are likely to spend more time than usual with your partner. This week also brings a great time for couples who are planning to conceive.


If you are a student, you will find this time to be really supportive of your studies. Take your efforts more seriously as you are likely to score well in your academics. This is a good phase for students who want to improve their knowledge through reading. Acquiring more knowledge is always good and that too through reading is always beneficial. Put all the necessary efforts to ensure you acquire the best knowledge. Those who are passionate to write an article in any journal are likely to do well. This may be a phase where your creative skills will be appreciated and admired by all.


Health is wealth and you know that very well. If you think there is anything that might disturb your mental well being, you should take it into consideration. You may have some issues like skin irritation or a toothache. You are advised to take immediate medical consultation before it gets too late. You may also have some minor injury at this time, so be careful around sharp objects. Additionally, there are chances that you may get injured due to sharp tools. Energy levels may be great this week. This may be a good week for you if you take care of your diet and even exercise regularly.,=-yt5


This week, keep track of your expenses and earnings. Try not to be too disappointed if you recently learned that something valuable has been damaged or lost. Make sure you stay careful the next time and avoid this sort of loss. Spend time with friends and family and learn to value them rather than giving importance to material possessions. This week there are high chances that you may earn some good profits with the help of speculative deals. Stay cautious while making any important money decisions.


This week, you may feel that your job requires skills from you that you are not sure you have. Do not doubt yourself as this may only ruin the chance of success. Try your best, as these challenges come your way for a reason. If you feel overwhelmed, communicate the same with your boss. But do not assume that you are not capable of performing a required task. You may just surprise yourself with the best of your performance. Those who are looking for new job opportunities are likely to come across some interview calls this week.

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