Leo Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th March 2021

Love and Relationships

There are chances of falling in love with someone at your workplace or with someone whom you see daily, during this week. Planets are likely to be in your favor and your relationship is likely to flourish. Be careful, as planetary positions may be unfavorable during the latter part of this week. So your love life specifically if connected to your workplace may get adversely affected. You need to keep calm and do not act aggressively in case there are any lengthy discussions with your mate, else it may disrupt the harmony around the end of the week.


There may be positive developments in your studies this week. Focus on your plan and the vision as you may have enough planetary support to get success. Important communications are likely to change the context of your thinking and may have a positive impact on your educational journey. Also, inspirational ideas from your mentors may help you to finish some pending projects. The latter part of this week may be good for expanding knowledge and skills. It may direct you towards high productivity and better performance. There may be some distractions too. All you need to do is to continue doing your work, with concentration and determination.


Increased pressure at work or hectic schedules may drain your energy. This may also cause some health issues during the middle of this week. You are advised to avoid taking too much burden and also drive carefully this time around. When energy level gets low, your ability to resist health problems also gets affected and you may suffer from illness. Thus, it is very much important for you to maintain your health. Due to climate change, you may face some health issues. Here you will be required to take extra care of your health. However, some stretching and light exercise may prove to be beneficial.


The planetary influences may favor you this week to enjoy pleasures of life to the fullest. However, planets at the week’s beginning may also push you to remain attentive about the requirements of your family. Besides, you may also look for new and innovative ways to increase your earnings. There are chances that you may feel restless and discontent as the week progresses. Try to channelize your energy in a positive direction. Bring conscious improvements in your working method and financial planning. It is likely to help you remove some bottlenecks and make your financial status stronger.


This week, you may manage to perform well at your workplace. But, somehow you may not feel that you are achieving your true potential. You are a great conversationalist and good at drawing people out in meetings, hence try to use that to your advantage. Overall, things are likely to remain mundane this week. The first half of this week may also prove to be challenging. Remain calm and handle tricky situations tactfully in your business. However, if you react emotionally or repeat a past mistake, you may end up creating challenges. Take care of your staff, and value your personnel. Your doubts and confusion may get clear and hence you may feel relaxed and confident by the end of this week.

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