Is leadership destiny driven?

destiny Leadership faith fate
destiny Leadership faith fate

How often have you, or someone you closely know, declared that fate was responsible for something happening and that there was nothing you could do to adjust or change that? Do you really believe that forces beyond your power determine your destiny? Objective observers realize that we choose our own destiny. It is determined by a blend of:

  1. Our everyday attitude, 
  2. Eagerness to take timely action, perseverance, and persistence, 
  3. Striving to be the best you can be, and 
  4. Developing and utilizing our talents and abilities. 

Unless someone is willing to extend his or her comfort zone and go beyond the mediocre in search of excellence, he or she places his own restrictions on his personal potential, thus limiting his own destiny.

Almost everything always starts with one’s attitude. Is yours forward-looking and optimistic, or naysaying and pessimistic? Do you just talk the talk, or does your walk match with that rhetoric? Do you believe in your abilities and your skills, and do you think you can and will overwhelm obstacles, transforming them into trials that you overcome, or do you first think of reasons why you just cannot, and thus use that as an excuse to merely procrastinate and limit your noted exposure? Are you willing to do something productive in your life and your challenges, or do you only see problems every second along the way?

This above-mentioned approach and opinions often impact whether we rather give up or we persist! Those with perseverance and persistence unfailingly achieve greater heights and a more considerable degree than those that simply give up. Those that genuinely care about reaching the horizon of our abilities and potential and refuse to settle and give up, when lesser inspired individuals often do. 

When we aim to be the best that we can be every day, in everything we do, we define the heights we can achieve at. For instance, many leaders realize that Nikola Tesla held the most patents for his ideas and inventions, but few ponder the fact that Tesla also had recurring failures for every successful invention. It was, in fact, his motivations, positive can-do attitude, and determination that defined his magnificent fortune- his brilliant destiny.

The trust is that no one is born or created with a predetermined fate or destiny. Our success, results, potential, and outcomes are not destiny-determined, but rather a direct consequence determined by our willingness to be proactive, persistence/ perseverance, the degree of our positive approach, and our attempts to always be the best that we can ever be.

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