How You Can Use Animated Videos To Make Learning More Fun

With so many distractions prevalent in today’s world, motivating students to learn poses a great challenge. However, with the rising implementation of technology in education, there is one tool that has proven to be very effective in motivating students: animated videos for guided learning. 

A student’s motivation plays a pivotal role, especially within an online learning environment. Motivating can be challenging to teachers any day, especially when they are learning to adapt to the online teaching world themselves; it can seem like an even greater task. This is why many educational institutions are pairing up with the best-animated video production companies to create more immersive and engaging courses that keep the students motivated to learn. 

How can animated videos be used to motivate students?

Animated educational videos, if made right, can be used in many ways to draw out a student’s intrinsic motivation towards learning a topic. Working with professionals from a good  animated video production company can help you gain these benefits that aid in boosting a child’s curiosity: 

Concentration Booster

With the introduction of the internet and smartphones, the average attention span has shortened significantly in recent years. Students should be able to stay focused during the entire learning process if an online course is well-designed.

Another advantage of animation is that it provides a break for students by keeping them amused. An animated series that explains a topic with both video and audio is proven to be much more appealing to students than a drab presentation that never seems to end. Videos also help students understand and digest information with more ease. 

Detailed Explanations:

It’s much easier to demonstrate how things work rather than wasting time trying to explain them. One minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words, according to Forrester Analysis. Videos present images right away, while texts push the brain to picture them. This causes mental fatigue quite easily amongst some students, making them despise the learning process. If you aim to boost a student’s curiosity to learn, helping them visualize a concept and simplifying it can make learning a fun and rewarding experience. 

What to Consider when making animated videos for learning

Animation can be a great tool to help students learn, but it can also be a distracting or boring experience, defeating the whole point. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while creating educational content for students:

1. Keep It Shorter Than 5 Minutes

Having a long video can make students lose interest very fast if it is not attention-grabbing. Try not to cram an entire chapter’s worth of information into a video and instead focus on simplifying a concept in the best way you can think of. Pay attention to the main concepts that need to be covered while sticking to a 3 to 5-minute time frame. 

2. Create Eye-catching Designs

Try and be creative while designing your videos. Put some effort into finding good color schemes and design ideas that are proven to improve a child’s concentration. Try to avoid simple, thin lines and neutral colors. Don’t overdo your design either, as that makes the video too distracting. Ensure that your color schemes match the topic you are teaching. 

3. Don’t Use Too Much Text

Do not try and cluster your video with too much text. This includes overcrowding words together, adding additional information apart from what is being narrated, or wordy dialogues. Stick to one-liners, important keywords, pictures, and simple phrases. Do not introduce complex words all at once because this will make the student lose attention. 

4. Don’t Forget To Make It Fun

When you try to make fun videos that are humorous and light, learning becomes more relatable and appealing. You should make them consider learning as a fun experience and not a stressful or drab process. Add relatable characters to boost student’s morale and appeal to their emotional side as well. Try not to introduce negative ideas or thoughts revolving around any concept, as children are very impressionable. To keep them completely immersed, try and add elements that brighten up the general mood. 

When it comes to motivating students, animation can serve as a great tool. However, if you do not have too much experience in making such videos, you can always reach out to professionals at credible animation video production companies to help you with your projects. 

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