How You Can Make A Perfect Celebration Even With The Pandemic

Even with all these happening, there’s still some good news. By combining creative thinking and technology you can still mark special days in style. You don’t have to let it pass without doing anything when there are a lot of ways you can enjoy it.

1. Arrange a virtual party

Video-chatting apps like Zoom, Houseparty, and Skype can be used to hold virtual parties. They all allow friends to catch up online, but the one depends on the one you pick, there may be a limitation on the size of the gathering, like Zoom can hold a whopping 100, Skype 50, and Houseparty only 8 guests. So depending on the number of people you’d want to have at the party, choose an app appropriately.

In case you’re celebrating your child’s you can set up one and leave them to enjoy with friends, whether it’s by playing games, singalongs, doing quizzes, or just knowing what’s been happening on everyone’s end. We have tons of different types of light up cups to choose from. Send them out before the party, the kids will love their party favour.

To make it successful, you can reach your child’s friends or even their parents, in advance to prepare for it and surprise them when it’s time.

2. Make a special birthday video

Another memorable option, though can be a bit complicated is to make a short video, featuring your child’s family and friend, wishing them well through video messages. And what about producing a video of their friends singing a line of their best song? They will be excited about it and live to remember that one.

3. Throw a gaming party

Here’s another cool option suitable for a child’s birthday party: choose the game they love most, let’s say FIFA, Call of Duty, or anything else, and call upon all their friends to join them from their homes. In case it’s difficult to chat on your device, why don’t you set up a video call. It’ll make things fun after all.

4. Send cards using delivery services

No matter the age, no one doesn’t love to receive cards. If you’re unable to deliver the card in person, you may send it through an online delivery service for example FunkyPigeon, but before sending it, confirm the time taken to deliver, since some of them are taking longer than usual to reach the destination. A surprise coming after the actual event may not feel as good as arriving when there’s the celebration.

If you stay with someone who has a birthday, it’d be cooler to make the one by yourself. Here you can bring your creativity into play, by using the materials you have, maybe old newspapers and magazines, to create a personal card that they’ll forever want to show off even after the birthday celebration.

5. Camp-out inside

Although you’re stuck at home, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can make your living room to be a camping ground, and your child can experience how exciting it feels to sleep in a new environment.

You’ll see how effective fairy lights and blankets are in turning an everyday area into a magical scene. For a finishing touch, you can call up a fake campfire through YouTube and have it on your screen.

6. Order something special

Special occasions are often marked with awesome meals at cool restaurants. Since that’s not a possibility now, bring the meal to your home. During this period, many restaurants are doing deliveries, with services like UberEats and JustEat bringing delicious meals to your house.

You’ll not only enjoy that fish, pizza, or chips, but you’ll support one of the local businesses. Make sure you ask for the social distancing delivery option, that sees your meal left at the doorstep, rather than being handed over directly to you.

7. Organize another celebration when all this is over Even if you hold a virtual party, this shouldn’t prevent you from holding a physical one later. It gives you something to look forward to, and just imagine how happy people will be sitting together in a room again.

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