How to Throw an Awesome Boat Party

Nothing beats a good boat party. When the weather’s sunny and your friends are ready to cut loose, a boat is the perfect setting. But how do you throw the best party on the water?

Keep reading to learn how to throw an awesome boat party!

Boat Party Ideas Begin With a Good Theme

One of the best ways to start planning a boat party is to choose a theme. You could go with anything from a pirate theme to a British theme. Check out sites like Pinterest for ideas.

Your theme can inform your food, too. Go with fish and chips or cucumber sandwiches for a British theme, for example. And consider sticking with handheld bites to make eating while mingling easier.

Plan Your Schedule of Events

While mingling on the deck of a boat can be fun, it’s good to offer some structure to the event. Make cutting a cake the moment where everyone gathers, for instance. And invite loved ones to give prepared speeches.

You could assemble a photo booth where people can ham it up for the camera. Or add a big checkers board or other game to the deck. As another option, a personalized game of trivia can make any boat party fun!

Choose the Right Refreshments

You want your guests to enjoy drinking on a boat. So it’s good to have a wide selection of beverages. Let them choose from hard ciders, craft brews, and seltzer waters.

When it comes to boat party ideas, a mixed drink station is sure to be a hit. Staff it with a bartender or invite guests to mix their own concoctions. Nothing tastes better than a gin and tonic on a boat!

Find Festive Boat Party Decorations

Do you want a nautical look with seafoam green and blue pillows? Or are you going for a more upscale style? From neutrals to aquatic colors, you can craft the perfect vibe.

Set up food displays with crisp white linens for an elegant look. This is effective when you’re honoring a milestone or celebrating an anniversary. Keep the colors saturated and lively when you’re enjoying a birthday bash!

Throw a private boat party for a more personalized experience. You can choose the decorations, drinks, and itinerary on a private yacht.

Send Out Memorable Invitations

When you really want people to come to your party, the invitation matters. Go above and beyond with hefty cardstock or embossment. These details will let your guests know that they matter to you.

And include an RSVP option. That way you can know your guest tally and plan your food accordingly. The last thing you want to see is an empty cooler or dessert table!

Throw the Best Yacht Party

Throwing a boat party can let you unleash your creative side. And you’ll get to mingle with your favorite friends and family with great views all around you. Determine your theme and style — and start planning!

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