How to Style With Different Slides


Creating different outfits ideas can be very tough. Sometimes you just want to wear basic T-shirts and pants all the time. Other times you want to wear funky, patterned clothes. So how can you make the most of your outfits? The simplest way is to add some appropriate accessories to your wardrobe. 

Accessories are an outfits best friend, because they bring out the best in the outfit and make something ordinary look extraordinary. And the great thing about accessories is that it can be something as simple as wearing a small piece, like earrings, that just add a little color or sparkle. On the other hand, if your outfit is already busy, you can add a plain accessory, to simply complete your look without distracting from your outfit. 

An underrated accessory that can add a lot to your wardrobe are your shoes. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, different brands and an infinite amount of colors and patterns. Shoes are great because they’re an essential accessory; you have to have them for every outfit and every occasion. Choosing the right shoe depends on what kind of clothes you wear, so to give you some ideas, we will talk about how to appropriately work in a slide sandal to your outfit.  

Since they have become back into style within the past decade, you can put slides with anything. They come in a variety of materials, colors, patterns and styles. To ensure you’re choosing the best slide for the outfit in question, be sure to keep the style, color and any patterns in mind when deciding.  


The style of your outfit is a huge factor when deciding on which shoes to wear. It’s also the first thing to decide. Either you’re wearing a sporty outfit or more ‘traditional clothes’, like jeans, shorts, and some type of shirt. If you’re wearing sporty clothes, then you need to wear a pair of slides that is made of rubber or plastic. These better match the aesthetic of athletic gear. If you’re wearing casual clothes, you can wear any material you want, as it’s less limiting and easier to match slides to. 

Adding Patterned Accessories

Majority of the time, it seems that people wear plain, casual clothes. Whether that’s regular jeans or solid colored T-shirts, people tend to have more fun accessories with outfits like these. Usually people include some kind of pattern when wearing clothes like this, and a cool thing about slides is that there are all kinds of patterns available. Having so many options makes adding patterns into your wardrobe breeze. An easy example of how to look good is to have a plain shirt (probably white), with black or denim jeans, and a cheetah print slide. The possibilities of patterned slides are endless, as are add your outfit options once you begin incorporating them into your closet.

Toning Down Your Accessories

People who are more into fashion and trends seem to be the ones who wear more patterned or clothes. If you’re one of these people, it’s important to know how to style the rest of your outfit. This means wearing toned-down or muted accessories. When it comes to shoes, it means wearing a color that is incorporated in your outfit already. This helps tie all of the pieces together, giving the outfit the completed feel. This could be as simple as wearing orange slides to match an animal print top. Having these essentials in your wardrobe might seem boring at first, but they are definitely worth having. 

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