How to move your thought process from “Victim” to “Winner”

Victim - Cat - Rat - Mouse - Winner

Transforming your thought process from “victim” to “winner” is no small feat!

You apparently were conditioned by situations to live your life in victim mode. You may also have put yourself in the “victim” section after encountering failure. What types of messages are you sending to the people around you with your words, attitude, and negative vibes?

Unless you enjoy this role, and some individuals see it as their comfort zone because staying in the victim zone is all they know, you are living a very miserable life. Do you really want to consider yourself a victim all your life?

Sit back, take a deep breath and try and picture yourself as a person with a powerful personality; how does it feel? If you can do it, it is presumably because this side of your character is already there inside you. Imagine now a scenario where your mighty self would succeed, a circumstance that you think you could handle easily only if you wholeheartedly tried. Do you feel the sense of achievement, the happiness?

If you require a quick push in the right direction, here are a few steps that are going to help you turn your story into an inspiring tale of victory and happiness after a struggle.

Take tiny steps, such as waking up earlier every day and giving yourself time to run or meditate. Do it until it becomes a habit and part of yourself. Do it until you don’t need an alarm to wake up in the morning. Do it until you don’t see it as a daily challenge. This is the crucial first step that you must take.

Once you have absorbed your new strength, review your situation, review the limits of your present comfort zone. What other tiny steps can you take to make you more powerful?

With every small step you take, you can reconsider your present way of living and find ways to improve it. You can have new visions of your thriving self. Each life improvement will show you new possibilities, new ways, and you are going to want more and more. This means ambitions. This means injecting yourself with new life purposes.

If at a particular point you are failing to achieve your goal, go back to your previous step, but not to your former victim self and review your action, you might have taken this step too soon, or it is not suitable for you or you are extremely impatient, and you have to persevere. Some steps need time and patience, and we need to give the devil its’ due always.

Finally, don’t forget to stay proud of yourself with every bit of step you take. Just don’t ever think of giving up on yourself, no matter what the situation is. Try and carefully align your outside actions with your evolution within. As you recognize the existence of every side of your personality, love them all, and you will fall in love with yourself.

Remember that being a champion is simply being the best version of yourself you can be. Expand your comfort zone as much as you can and feel that sensation of pride within as you move along. Feel gratitude towards the strength within you, which helps you lead a happier and better life.

You will no longer be a victim but a winner.

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