How to make a Mini AC from a Carton of Milk

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There does not seem to be a limit to what humans can do when it comes to creativity, but not even many can imagine that an air conditioner can be made out of a carton of milk. However, that is possible, and this piece will guide how a carton of milk can be converted into a mini AC. If you are intrigued and fascinated by how this can be done, you should pay attention to the following sections. 

This can even sound bizarre to some people, but they soon get to see and appreciate how easy it is. One thing is that the items that you need to get this done are even easy to get. You can have them at home or just procure them from any of the stores around you. 

These include 

  1. a milk carton, 
  2. some hot glue, 
  3. a computer fan, 
  4. and of course, some skills in soldering. 

Once you have all these items in place, then you can begin and commence the process. You will need to start by cutting up a hole the size of the fan right on the side of the carton. Before you cut the hole, you should place the fan on the carton then trace out the shape. This is to ensure that the hole you are cutting will fit perfectly so you will not be making any kind of mistake whatsoever. You can use a pen or pencil to do the tracing out. Then you get your knife or blade to cut out this part of the carton. 

The next step will be to add some glue so that the fan can be in a position, and then proceed to wire up the entire structure alongside a 12-volt AC adaptor or a battery. You should apply the glue all around the fan so that when you fit it neatly over the cut hole, it is going to stand. 

Press the fan in so that it can remain in place, then let it dry before you go ahead to fix the wires. you also have the option of making use of a connector at this stage. Those who intend to make use of a connector are going to need to solder the wire in place with the connector. You will need some soldering skill to do this, but it is not a hard thing to do. Then you make use of a shrink tube just to ensure that there is safety. 

Get your AC adapter in place and do the needed soldering, also with the connector and shrink tube, you hook it up with the fan. Connect the adaptor to a power source, link it up with the fan, and you will see your fan running without any stress. 

Then once the carton itself is full of ice, you can turn on the fan so that a flow of cold air can start to circulate from the spouting area. You should note that you are going to need an elongated kind of ice cube that can fit into the opening. You will need to source the ice cubes directly from your freezer then put them inside your carton. You can use a temperature meter and a noise meter to measure the noise and temperature. 

However, there are some things that you need to have at the back of your mind regarding this carton AC. One is that it may not be sufficient for cooling your home, but it can be a very nice way for you to enjoy a flow of some cool air on your desk or something to cope on those blistering days during summer. 

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