How to Deal With Jealousy in a Relationship


Jealousy could be a significant reason for a troubled relationship full of anger and hatred. We all encounter jealousy at one point or the other, even within the family, particularly in our love lives. Jealousy can push the relationship to a sad conclusion if this element in love is not correctly managed.

Envy could lead to an obnoxious experience for the chronically jealous partner who often misinterprets harmless actions. Avoid doubts and negative thoughts unless you simply do not trust your partner or you have no confidence in your relationship. In that case, walk away from the relationship; it is not worth it. 

However, if the love still exists, learn to stay matured enough to handle jealousy by following the steps below.

  1. Self Analysis: Why do you usually get jealous? It would help if you recognized the cause that triggers your suspicious attitude for you to be able to handle it effectively. Think of a different scenario and examine what, why, and if.
  2. Emotional Eruption: Are you dangerously hot-tempered, or you pent up your emotions? Do you see meanings in every action and bottle them up for the eventual doom’s day? It would be best if you learned how to control your emotions to avoid unnecessary suspicion. Communication is the keyword, no matter how challenging the issue is. Discuss like matured adults and not overgrown toddlers.
  3. Do Not Randomly Assume: Assumption could be the red tag that triggers the gun powder. Always get to the origin of matters before taking action. Get all the required information before raising the dust. The capacity to research and look into why your partner took specific actions and decisions would help determine if your jealousy is baseless or warranted.
  4. Kill Ego: We all have the ego that can sometimes raise its ugly head, but you have to guarantee that you do not let your ego because of your sense of reasoning. Your partner may show innocent appreciation of the opposite sex or a more successful pal or friend. Do not feel discouraged, have confidence in yourself, and walk happily, don’t stop.
  5. Please Do Not Conceive Avenue for Suspicion: Avoid intimate chats with the opposite sex, particularly when your partner or spouse is with you; it’s a telltale sign and shows discourtesy for the relationship at hand. Watch out for Whatsapp texts that can upsurge your love relationship. Avoid significant signs that can give you away and makes you tongue twisted, like love notes in the jacket or wallet, lipstick stains, sexy gifts, hotel bills for a weekend escapade, and many more.
  6. Communication: Typically, the key to a jealous-free relationship is Communication. Carefully lay your cards on the table and dodge discreet affairs. Communication is the primary driving force in any loving relationship. Talk about everything and anything. Avoid keeping ‘criminal silence’ over any unusual suspicious matter. You may be worsening the situation. Above all, both lovers need to be reasonable in dealing with suspicious issues or any family issues at all. Do not give any room for rumor mongers.

Food For Thought

Always know that jealousy could be healthy in a relationship if adequately managed, and it could be a waste of valuable moments if otherwise mismanaged.

It’s okay to let emotions fly once in a while but wouldn’t you instead savor a fun-filled relationship than watch over each other’s shoulders for signs?

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