How To Deal With 8 Common Inverter Problems at Home?

By now, most households are well aware of inverters and their imminent contribution to our homes in the form of uninterrupted power supply. An inverter is an important unit for the continuous supply of power in homes and offices. It provides power for the smooth and uninterrupted operation of commonly used appliances and equipment during power outages. There are various kinds of inverters available in the market. However, according to the load, one must choose the right inverter to power their electrical appliances at home or offices. 

But imagine what happens if your inverter faces a problem at home or office? An inverter can face few problems that will affect its operation and efficiency. 

Here we will talk about eight common issues related to inverters and their solutions:

Power Switch Defect

A defect in the power switch is one of the most common inverter problems consumers’ face.  You can call the service centre in case of a faulty power switch that will be replaced by the authorised technician.

Battery Is Not Connected

One of the other common problems of an inverter not working properly is loose battery connections or no connections. To fix this, turn the inverter off and clean the terminals and reconnect tightly to the correct polarity of the batteries. Once done, turn on the inverter.

Shortened Back Up Time

It can either be due to too much power consumption, or when the battery is not completely charged due to long power cuts. Lower the load for reducing excess power usage. If the battery has lost electrolytes, occasionally top up the battery with distilled water. Or, if the battery is new and or deep discharged, it can take several hours to charge before functioning efficiently.

Inverter is Tripped. 

Click the reset button in the front panel to solve this problem. If it doesn’t work, may be batteries are expired & try to replace it with batteries from trusted brands such as Luminous. They offer reliable batteries and provide outstanding warranty period and after-sales support.

Rusty Or Corroded Battery Terminals

It could lead to shorter back up time. If the terminals are corroded, battery is not able to charge itself fully, so clean the terminals using a dry cloth. If it is a corroded terminal problem, after the clean-up, it will start working.

Power Inverter Not Working in UPS Mode

If the power inverter doesn’t work in UPS mode. It may be because the voltage is below the safety voltage range of UPS mode which is 180- 260 V and the battery is completely discharged. To resolve the issue switch to Eco mode and charge the battery fully and switch the UPS mode again it will start working. If still the problem continues please call the customer care centre 

Alarm Beeping Continuously

Due to overload, or a jammed cooling fan, an inverter can beep continuously to reduce the extra load and press the power button it will start working, or else call for professional support.

Battery Is Weak Or Faulty

If the battery does not function, then it is either defective or dead. Both situations require you to replace the battery.

These are some common issues that most households face with inverters. Brands such as Luminous, manufactures reliable, effective and long-lasting inverters batteries, recognize people’s power requirement and therefore deliver the best residential and commercial inverter and inverter batteries.

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