How Sports Handicappers Can Help With Your Prop Bets


Are you someone that follows major sporting leagues? Do you enjoy making the most of the games by betting on your favourite teams? Are you wondering how to increase your chances of winning and earning money? Good thing we have the perfect article for you. Keep reading to know more about prop bets and how you can find an expert that can help you make the correct wager.

What is a prop bet?

Prop bet is short for “proposition bet.” It is widely popular overseas and is now known to be one of the fastest-growing segments in the sports betting industry in the U.S. Moreover, as new betting states open, the growth of prop bets continues to evolve to open more opportunities for the people to expand their wager.

Prop bets are wagers on a specific individual player or sporting event. Most prop bets on sportsbooks are for individual players, and this is called player props. However, the opportunities may present themselves to bet in both teams and individual players. On the other hand, we also have what they call game props, where you put a wager on anything that may occur during the game. 

Both player props and game props cannot be strategised most of the time — some are not related to the gameplay at all. It is like you are putting money on your own predictions for the thrill of it. This is what prop bets are really for, adding fun and excitement into the experience of watching the game. One example, silly as it seems, is people betting on whether or not the national anthem will be 30 seconds longer than usual. When it comes to prop bets, the sky is your limit as long as you are willing to gamble your money.

Prop bets ideas on every sporting league

Here are some examples of prop bets you can consider:


Betting on Major League Baseball includes common stats such as home runs, ERA, stolen bases, hits, strikeouts, etc. Since baseball is massively composed of stats and numbers, the possibilities for prop bets are endless.


Prop bets for football vary from passing, receiving, and rushing yards to player touchdowns. Interceptions are also available for prop bets at times, depending on the sportsbook.


For NBA prop bets, points and players’ number of assists and rebounds can be wagered. Team prop bets are also possible — which team can first reach this specific number of points.


Unfortunately for NHL, prop bets are not the usual. Still, sportsbooks can release wager on first goals, anytime goals, anytime points, assists, etc. 

Sports handicapping services for prop bets

We mentioned earlier how strategies are, most of the time, unnecessary when placing prop bets. However, there is still some type of proposition bets where knowledge and expertise can be utilised so you can strategise a win. This is where professional sports handicappers come into the picture. Read on the prop bet guide and contact a handicapper to ask for prop bets referrals. With their knowledge of team and player performance and their data analysing abilities, they can quickly tell you which wide receiver can catch the most number of innings.

Find the best sports handicapper for your prop bets.

Remember that sports handicappers are experienced sports professionals who have spent years studying games, teams, and players. Seeking assistance from them is a good move, especially if you want to make or follow expert picks to ensure a big win, aside from moneylines. Prop bets are also an excellent way to pump up and make the game more exciting for you and other bettors.

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