How can leaders Come to Terms with Change?


Have you observed that sometimes after a significant change in your life, you don’t seem comfortable? 

  1. You discern that your attitudes have changed, you respond differently to the people, even your surroundings look different.  
  2. What you liked doing before does not appeal to you anymore. 
  3. You feel like a total stranger to your own world.  


Let’s explore this in our article below. 

When you develop a plan to reach a goal, whatever the goal is, you go through many steps that change your life. And when you finally succeed after ultimately getting over numerous dangerous hurdles, you’re simply not the same person anymore; you have evolved!

If you pause, take some intervals to stop, and look back at the path you drove to accomplish your goal, you will know what is happening.

Firstly, you will most likely have transformed some of your surroundings. Now new sites are part of your everyday life. For example, you might have changed your office role and have to change some of your behavior and habits. Your office timetable could be different, and you had to organize your kids differently, too.

The colleagues you are linked to could be different too, particularly in a new job, your attitude and environment could have changed accordingly as well, and you will have made new buddies.

If you have encountered a significant change, you might have developed new ways of thinking and therefore attracting different people in your life. Success sometimes gives you more self-confidence and could lead you to another way of living your life. It can also give you new ideas. It could push you to explore new domains.

If you feel you have lost your bearings, well, reconsider. How could you be the same individual at the beginning and the end of the road? It is genuinely impossible because to get there and succeed; you have to get out of your comfort zone, grow, and take risks; you have been uncomfortable, scared, but you kept focused on your target, and you certainly succeeded.

How can you still be the same after such an effort: you have evolved from dream to reality. You finally got to know yourself, gained new skills, and some of your feelings are different. In short: you’re not the same human anymore.

So now is the right time to adjust what does not match with your new self. Don’t be frightened to do it. This is your reward; you’re only tying loose ends. As long as you understand this, the change will go smoothly.  

Your unease will ultimately pass once you are better acquainted with your new thriving You.

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