Honeymoon in Tokyo: 5-Day Itinerary For Couples


Tokyo is known as the largest city of its kind in the world but the city is a lot more than its sheer size. This Japanese capital is renowned for its energy and very vibrant lifestyle. Wherever you head in Tokyo, you can be sure of finding something exciting and interesting to do.

For those who are interested in making the best of their marriages, an exciting honeymoon in Tokyo is a very good way to start. You will be able to enjoy the most amazing meals, experience the local tradition and of course you will shop until you are tired. 

If this is your very first time in this timeless city, you have nothing to worry about. This is a guide, specifically a five-day itinerary that will guide you around Tokyo. Pay attention to this guide and you will be able to make the best of your limited period in this vast city. 

Day One: Tokyo

Yes, you are finally in this Asian city and the world seems to be at your feet. The first move for you will be to step onto the train (Japan is respected worldwide for its Shinkansen bullet train network which is one of the fastest in the world). You can also choose to move around using taxis. Whether you choose to go by train or the cute taxis, you will find Tokyo to be most amazing and spectacular every step of the way. 

If you are wondering about the hotel for you to stay with your lover, you can experience real luxury at the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills and you will not regret it. Of course, it is just one of the many world-class hotels in Tokyo. Staying in this one means you will not be far from the Tokyo Tower, the shopping malls in the Ginza area, and the most vibrant corners of the city. 

Once you are done with sorting the accommodation, you can proceed by touring Ginza, known for its outstanding shopping experience. If you are familiar with the Fifth Avenue of New York, then you will be at home at Ginza. This is the hub of shiny boutiques, flagship shops, fashion centers, and massive departmental stores. 

It must be stated that it is not cheap for you to shop at Ginza but you will get value for every cent you spend here. When the time comes for dinner, go romantic by getting your tables at the famed Adachi Naoto. Here is a highly-rated restaurant that is always judged as one of the very best in all of Ginza. You will be amazed to see how this world-class chef makes culinary delicacies as if it is all by magic. It is nice if you place your reservation online ahead of time. 

Day Two: Tokyo

Start your morning by having a relaxing breakfast. For those who stay at the Andaz Tokyo, they will be treated to some of the most fascinating breakfast buffets one can find anywhere. This authentic breakfast is known for its rich, energizing, and very tasteful flavors. Now that you have filled up your system with delicious meals, you can commence your tour of artworks at the famed Roppongi Hills. You can use one or two days in all the art museums in Tokyo but one place that you must not miss is the Mori Art Museum. 

Day Three: Tokyo

Start your day with breakfast offered by your hotel, in bed, or go to the Sushi Dai for the most incredible sushi breakfast. This is a sushi bar that is full of outstanding seafood and the freshest fish, it holds the reputation of the very best sushi in all of Tsukiji Fish Market. 

You can follow this up with a tour of Meiji Jingu then you go around the Yoyogi Park then proceed to do some shopping at Harajuku. You will take photos with the colorful cafes, attractive delicacies, or cosplayers in their fantastic outfits. 

Day Four: Tokyo

Commence the day with light jogging across the famous Shibuya Crossing and from there you can have a compact breakfast at any of the cafes. Later in the day you can return to the Shibuya Crossing side and do more shopping, especially for clothes. 

Enjoy the standing izakaya experience for your dinner and Jiroumaru is the best option for you in this regard. It is located in the alley right in the heart of Shibuya and you will be more than glad to taste their famed grilled meat known as yakiniku. Do not leave the place without trying out Kobe and wagyu beef samples! 

Day Five: Tokyo

Since you are on honeymoon you need to remember to go for couple massages – something to pamper both of you. You need all the relaxation and comfort you can get and the hotel spa sections are always on hand to help you out with this. Whizz across the shopping malls and public gardens in the afternoon before catching your evening flight out of this iconic capital. 

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