Gemini Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th March 2021


Love and Relationships

This week, a planetary position may help you to preserve peace and harmony in your relationships. This week there are chances that you may meet someone special who will make you feel like you are on cloud nine. Besides, there are chances that you may go for a candlelight dinner with your partner and also get a proposal. The level of compatibility is likely to be high. Moreover, there are chances that you may meet your partner at family functions and gatherings this week.


This week you are likely to realize the importance of learning and education, which may enable you to remain confident. If languages interest you, then you are likely to improve your learning. Learning will be something that you will never give up throughout life. Avoid friends who are not interested in their academics. They may lure you into some activity or the other. In turn, you may get distracted and not focus on your studies. Through hard work, determination, and concentration, you are likely to achieve success.


You need to take care of your health this week. Excess of acidic reflux in the digestive system is likely to trouble you this week. Avoid late-night parties/dinner for good. Even eating spicy food can add to your discomfort. Eating a lot of raw vegetables, the fiber-rich grain may work and give you a long term healing effect. Early morning yoga can be beneficial for your health. Additionally, the more you give attention to your medical needs, the better health you will be able to maintain. Pregnant women should be extra careful with their medical needs.


This is a favorable week and may bring huge monetary gains. You are likely to reap higher dividends on your investment this week. You may plan for long-term investment and that may prove to be beneficial for you. However, you may have to work hard towards it. Make good use of the supportive time here to increase the inflow of money for you. Do not be driven by your impulsive nature and try to avoid shopping unnecessarily. Keep an effective check on personal habitual expenses. Nevertheless, toward the middle of the week, your reputation may enhance due to your credible and noteworthy work. Your skills may earn due appreciation from your superiors and you may get the desired monetary benefits too.


The week is likely to be favorable for you and you may be successful in all your endeavors. Your profits may soar owing to your high level of productivity. By using your intelligence towards achieving your objectives, you are likely to fetch good results. This change will work well for business people and professionals to put up organized efforts to achieve the desired level of growth. You may be allotted an outstation-based task to perform. This week, there are high chances that you achieve your targets.

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