Gemini Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th March 2021

Love and Relationships

If you are trying to make a major love related decision, write out the pros and cons. Hasty decisions may backfire. This week you may need to put in a lot of effort to bring your love life back on track. You may face some challenges in your relationship. It may be due to a family issue that you are not able to make time for your partner. Try to make them understand this and you will see a better side of your partner. This week may help you to strengthen your marriage bond. Try to express your feelings clearly and spend some quality time together, It will help you to rejuvenate your married life. However, try to avoid unnecessary arguments with your partner and sustain harmony.


This may be a week where you will be more focused and serious about your academic preparation. Your efforts may pay you a high dividend and you shall be quite happy with the way life will turn in your favor. Take your mentors’ help if you are not sure about the area of speculation that you would like to pursue. This may help you to improve your choice and also make you confident about your learning in the near future. Those pursuing history or psychology, are likely to do well in their learning process. Your learning may be well supported by undertaking research and may also get appreciation from your teachers.


Good health is foreseen this week. You are likely to maintain good health, all thanks to your care and attention you have been giving to your health now. However, keep track of your diet and your exercise plans, in order to remain fit and healthy. There are indications of some minor injuries, so be careful. Stay cautious and take care of your health while traveling. Do not take any Do not be ignorant or reckless about your injury, as this can cause a problem in the future. Immediate medical assistance or first aid is a must.


This week, there are chances of karmic monetary rewards. It is a favorable week for investment and you may get the desired returns on your investment. However, do not get involved in speculative deals. Also, stay cautious with your spending. There are chances of some sudden and unexpected expenses, but you are likely to manage it due to your savings. It would be helpful if you go through all the pros and cons of the deal before finalizing it. This week may be favorable and beneficial if you are working in the sales and marketing department.


This week may prove to be a bit challenging for your professional life. Try to be calm and proceed with a positive attitude. You need to take charge of your career endeavours now so that you do not regret later. Stay cautious and try to listen to your intuition before initiating any action to avoid bad results. You also need to be careful over your words while communicating with others. You may find disappointments or hurdles in discharging your work effectively. This time requires you to strive hard to achieve your goals. You need to keep your emotions in balance and be relaxed. Accept what comes your way. It would be helpful if you postpone major decisions. The only thing you need to focus on is self-dependency and improvement.

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