Fun Woodworking Projects for Kids

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Wood projects can keep children busy and engaged while learning a new hobby. We discuss the three things you need to consider when picking out easy woodworking projects for children.

Working with wood is fun for kids, but it also has some other benefits that parents might not usually consider. For example, when working on a clean wood project, children get in touch with their creative side. Kids also use some of the abilities they learn in schools, like geometry, basic math, and logical order (depending on how complicated or simple the project is).

When choosing a woodworking project for your child, consider the following: 

How much time are you going to spend helping the child complete the project? If the kid is young or the supervising adult doesn’t have a lot of time developing the project, pick a simple woodworking project plan or pick a pre-cut wooden dollhouse kit. Many companies make excellent dollhouse kits that need uncomplicated assembly with glue. Once the dollhouse is assembled, your kid can show off their artistic side by deciding what color to paint, the exterior or interior. Dollhouses are some of the most accessible wood projects kids can make.

Remember that kids need proper adult supervision when working with any type of tools or glue and should never be left alone with these items.

If you and your children plan on making this experience a bonding adventure, pick a project that’s still fun but slightly more challenging. Some examples of wood projects that your child might want to try are: 

  1. A music box, 
  2. A toy box,
  3.  A jewelry box, 
  4. A rocking horse, 
  5. A Classic pony rocker, 
  6. A flag case, wagon, birdhouse 
  7. or chessboard

There are splendid plans available, and some of the woodworking hardware kits even include complimentary woodworking plans.

Some larger woodworking projects for children to also consider building are: 

  1. Bunk beds, 
  2. A Backyard playhouse. 
  3. A cradle.

The backyard playhouse is my favorite because it will take a little time to make, the kids will help construct it, and then they will spend hours and hours enjoying it while the climate is nice outside. For girls (or for fathers/grandfathers to make and give as gifts to their daughter/granddaughter), my favorites are the dollhouse kits. If you’re a grandfather or father and you are interested in building one of the wooden dollhouse kits with your granddaughter or daughter, I assure you she will forever treasure it. 

Boys, on the other hand, may find a buckboard wagon kit fun or a mail truck bank kit to build from wood.

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