FB Oversight Board ‘a bit frustrated’ already


(IANS) The Facebook Oversight Board (FOB) is already feeling a bit frustrated due to the expectation of making binary choices in cases that it is dealing with.

A member of the board revealed this on Tuesday while giving evidence to a UK House of Lords committee which is holding an enquiry into freedom of expression online, TechCrunch reported.

The Oversight Board, with an initial strength of 20 members, was formed last year.

The board is dealing with the review of the social network’s ban on former US President Donald Trump.

Facebook banned Trump “indefinitely” after his supporters stormed the US capital.

The social networking giant, however, quickly referred its decision to suspend Trump to the Oversight Board.

One of the members of the board Alan Rusbridger, a former editor of the British newspaper “The Guardian”, did not make a direct reference to the Trump case on Tuesday.

But he said that the choices that the board is expected to make is making the board a bit frustrated.

“What happens if — without commenting on any high profile current cases — you didn’t want to ban somebody for life but you wanted to have a ‘sin bin’ so that if they misbehaved you could chuck them back off again?” he said.

“I think the Board will want to expand in its scope. I think we’re already a bit frustrated by just saying take it down or leave it up,” he went on.

“At some point we’re going to ask to see the algorithm, I feel sure — whatever that means,” Rusbridger told the committee.

“Whether we can understand it when we see it is a different matter.”

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