Epic Slovakia Road Trip Guide

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Slovakia is one of the most enchanting countries in Europe, and the capital city is Bratislava. It has a population of close to six million. It is known for its amazing history alongside excellent infrastructure. It is no surprise that it is a significant tourist center. It is a mountainous country but with a vast and impressive road network, making it ideal for that road trip that you have always wanted. The following sections will give more details on how to plan the most memorable road trip for you and your loved ones in Slovakia. 

First Point: Pavcina Lehota (Low Tatras near Liptovsky Mikulas)

Pavcina Lehota is a tiny village that is very famous with travelers and tourists alike as it is full of hotels, inns, and homes alongside countless tourist attractions and natural sites. For this reason, people keep trooping to the area in search of real fun and enjoyment. 

Where to Stay

There are various options to select from as far as accommodation is concerned, and the ABC Apartmany skis a good alternative. You can enjoy a single room alongside a private bathroom and a portable kitchenette. It is compact, neat, and easy to use. 

What Can Be Done

  • Enjoy Havranok

It is an open and well-designed museum that is not far from the Liptovska Mara reservoir located around the Low Tatras. It has a Celtic hill structure that served as a vital economic, religious, and political hub of the Puchov people, who built a system that spanned 300BCE to 180 CE. There is also another medieval castle made of wood that is situated not far from the remnants of an old hill fort starting from the 11th to the 15th century. For anyone interested in seeing Celtic structures, this is how to go about it. You are going to see how the constructions were done and how they were able to maintain the civilization back then. 

  • Exploring the Liptovska Mara Reservoir

Here is a reservoir that was formed via the damming of the Vah River not far from the Liptovsky Mikulas located in the Liptov area. The essence of the dam is to ensure the prevention of floods and also generate power for the areas. When it was constructed, a total of nine villages had to be sacrificed, and the name is actually from one of those villages. 

For those who love watersports and all kinds of leisure activities, especially by the lakeside once it is summer, this is the ideal place for you. You are going to enjoy activities like boating, paddle boarding, swimming alongside others. Because Slovakia is a landlocked place, the lake has emerged as a very popular one for locals and visitors alike. If you visit around July then expect to mingle was as many people as possible because by this time, many locals are out there to escape the heat of the summer. 

  • Low Tatra Mountains Hikes

Apart from the capital city which is Bratislava, this country is known for its mountains and they are called the Tatra Mountains. This range is based on its division into the High and Low Tatras and you can start from the Low Tatras. 

Hikers will find this area to be fascinating because the trails are very prominent and are some of the most outstanding in the country. Hiking is a major favorite among the locals, so if you are a hiker, you will absolutely like this place. But you must also be wary because the country is home to many brown bears, so you will do well to be appropriately informed about wildlife. 

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