Endpoint Protection Is Critical for Any Organization During the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has altered how many businesses operate. With lawmakers implementing lockdown or shelter-in-place measures and clients hesitant to walk into businesses, companies have invested in online technology. 

Many organizations have switched to the online business model by launching websites and apps that feature robust online shopping options. Others have invested in social media marketing tools, ecommerce partnerships, and more.  Others still use strong customer relation management (CRM) platforms to manage their businesses from one location.

In addition, organizations have embraced remote working by asking staff to work from home to follow physical distancing rules. A significant number of such businesses have noticed that this has enhanced productivity. Such measures have also slashed costs for workers, such as transportation, food, etc. 

Unfortunately, cybercriminals have seen this shift as an opportunity. Data from various cybersecurity companies reveals that online crimes have skyrocketed during the pandemic. The reason for this pretty obvious — in their rush to adopt physical distancing rules, all types of organizations have forgotten about cybersecurity.

Not only are most remote workers untrained to follow security protocols, but they don’t use secured networks or computers to connect to company databases, leaving themselves, their customers, and their organizations vulnerable to threat actors. 

Many companies don’t have the budget to supply remote workers with secured laptops, and employees use all types of unsecured devices to manage sensitive data. A dangerous spyware, spear-phishing, or ransomware attack can crush a business and leave it open to expensive litigation, especially if customer data is compromised. 

Your Organization Needs Endpoint Protection

If you do a quick Google search for ransomware attacks, you’ll read dozens of stories of organizations locked out of their systems, losing invaluable data, and paying expensive bounties to recover their computers. The cost of fully recover from a destructive ransomware attack can force many small businesses to close permanently. 

It would help if you had endpoint protection from a cybersecurity company that offers proactive cybersecurity tools. Take, for example, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection — which offers a cloud-based solution, scalability, easy deployment, and robust reporting. Their software provides a combination of signature-based and behavioural analysis technology with machine learning to crush all types of malware proactively. 

If a threat gets past signature-based detection, which many emerging threats do, machine learning takes charge by analyzing its behaviour and remediates the malware before it’s too late. Let’s look at some more characteristics of an excellent endpoint protection solution:

  • Simple and standalone installation process that lacks any centralized server management
  • Real-time updates across your network from an intuitive and user-friendly system
  • Several powerful layers of protection including web protection, application hardening, exploit mitigation, payload analysis, and ransomware mitigation.
  • Complete business support on phone, online chat, or email

Workforce Training

Although endpoint protection is an essential step, your organization should also train its workforce in following security protocols. For example, workers should avoid connecting to free WiFi networks at all costs. Such networks are unsecured and regularly targeted by hackers with man-in-the-middle attacks, evil twin network attacks, and more. 

A data breach can easily cost your company millions. To avoid astronomical expenses from an online attack, your company needs the best endpoint protection software that can neutralize all threats.

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