DIY Telescope: How to Make a Telescope in 10 Steps

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A telescope is an instrument that assists the viewer to be able to view faraway objects at a much closer distance. Before this can happen, the device has to have the ability to collect light from the distant object using a primary mirror or objective lens and then transmit the light or image onto a focus where another device (the eyepiece lens) magnifies the image and brings it to the eye. Telescopes are quite expensive, and a good one from a science store can set you back some thousands of dollars. 

However, not everyone can instantly shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars. But if you love to have one, you can make one at home. Before you make your telescope at home, you are going to need the following: 

  • A pair of magnifying glasses: This can be around two to three centimeters, but it is a lot better if one is bigger than the other one. 
  • Tube made from cardboard: You get to make use of a wrapping paper roll or a typical towel roll made from paper; the regular cardboard will be fine. 
  • Scissors for cutting
  • Duct tape for putting things in place
  • Printed paper
  • Tape measure, ruler, or a yardstick for making measurement

Assembling the Telescope

Once you have all the needed items, you can proceed to do an assembly of the telescope. Here are the steps that you need to follow to get the job done: 

  1. Get the pair of magnifying glasses alongside the sheet of printed paper. 
  2. Fix the magnifying glass (the larger one) in the space between the paper and yourself. At this point, the image that is in print is going to be blurry. 
  3. Fix the second magnifying glass in the space that is between the first magnifying glass and your eye. 
  4. Shift the second glass forward or even backward till the moment the print is a lot clearer. You are also going to observe that the print is going to be upside down and bigger. 
  5. Get someone to assist you in measuring the distance that occurs between the pair of magnifying glasses and ensure you jot the distance down. 
  6. Have a slot inside the cardboard tube not far from the front opening measuring about one inch away. But make sure that you do not cut the entire path of the tube. The slot should also be in such a way that it can accommodate the big magnifying glass. 
  7. Do another slot in the tube, which should be at the same distance as from the initial slot that your helper has jotted down. It is here that the second magnifying glass is going to be fixed. 
  8. Position the pair of magnifying glasses in the slots in such a way that the small one will be at the back and the big one in front, then fix in position using duct tape. 
  9. Allow for a distance of around half to one inch of the tube at the back of the small magnifying glass, then get rid of any extra tube left. 
  10. Confirm to see if the telescope is functional by using it to view a printed page. There may also be the need to adjust the precise distance that is between the two glasses. This is done in a way that the image is going to come into focus and be sharp to the view. 

These are all the steps that you need to follow for you to build your refracting telescope from the comfort of your home. It becomes a lot easier for you to view the stars, planets, comets, and other celestial bodies with your telescope.

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