Celebrations at Home in the Covid Era

Special events and special days in our lives called for grand celebrations, get-togethers, parties, and functions. There was something so hypnotic about celebrating birthday parties with friends, an anniversary with your loved one, date nights with your partner, a family function like an engagement, ‘Sangeeth’, and even wedding ceremonies. 

It was all an excuse for us to show up all dressed up to have fun with your friends and family and just create wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

Alas! The pandemic era struck in 2020 ruining a bunch of upcoming parties, weekenders, wedding ceremonies, birthdays, and other important celebrations you had earmarked. 

All those bookings that were made for cakes, catering, entertainment, and balloon decoration in Mumbai and other major cities were all to be canceled. Many never came around to celebrate anything in the past year simply due to the stigma of the virus and the lockdown. 

Now that restrictions are slowly lifting off and life is ever-so-slowly going back to Normal in the city, we can all hope to go out soon again to hang out with our loved ones in a safe and sanitized surrounding. Although you may be careful, it is still risky to go out and celebrate in a closed space such as a pub, club, Air Conditioned Party hall, or any enclosed space. 

But that does not mean that one does not step out at all and life will cease as we know it right? So here are a few tips to celebrate your special occasions at the comfort of your home or in a well-sanitized surrounding without having to worry about the Virus:

Tips to Celebrate Your Special Occasions at Home

Celebrating in a place that is closer to your heart and in a place that you know for sure is clean and hygienic is the number one priority here. It is so easy to host events at home these days that you would soon be wanting to host almost every function at home, once you are through with this checklist:

Choosing the right location

Choosing the right location is pivotal. Even if you have zeroed into your own home, you must be sure of where to host the function. The best choice would be to pick a place with plenty of natural air. 

A terrace, Garden, Hall with a balcony, or even the front yard or car Park can serve as amazing locations to set up your party. 

Fresh air and open space help in keeping your air cleaner and makes sure that you avoid the infection or even the slightest possibility of it, by staying in an open area, reducing the chance of contracting the virus. 

This is especially useful if you have plenty of kids. Even if medical reports seem to be claiming an increase in immunity, it is better to stick to precautions.

Smaller Gatherings

Even if it may seem that the Covid situation is almost behind you, it is better to be safe than sorry. Try to find out who you would be interacting with. Make sure all your invitees are healthy with no symptoms or signs of any sort. It is better to avoid those who are currently unwell as this may invoke the danger of spreading to multiple people at a single location. 

Find out the travel history of your invitees and make sure most of them have been in the local area for at least two weeks so that you can be sure of your family’s safety. 

Hiring Professional Help

Hire as much help as you would like. Make sure the agency you hire from sends out tested and safe individuals before you hire them. Hire help to set up and clean the place after the function is done. If you are a bunch of young crowds with a smaller budget, this may not come off as a huge problem to you. 

There are plenty of Event Management and Decor companies in major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore that can help you with your decor. You can easily hire professionals to help you with themed outlays, catering and themed cakes, dessert tables, buffet catering, balloon decorations in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. 

Event Management is getting very popular in these cities these days and you can find plenty of people to organize get your party going!

These are some of the best tips to celebrate functions at home to ensure safe celebrations in a hygienic setup without costing you a bomb or a health scare. 

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