Cancer Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th March 2021

Love and Relationships

This week is likely to bring the fresh air of joy and love in your life. You may be eager to express your emotions. If you are in a committed relationship, the first half of the week may remain very important for you. Your social life will be activated and you are likely to enjoy some wonderful moments with your beloved. The later half of this week is likely to bring fresh energy into your love life. But, some events around the end of this week may have a lasting impact on your love life. So, you may need to act with caution and patience around this phase.


This looks to be a good time for you to concentrate on your education and do well in your studies. Your curiosity to learn new things and a focused mind may help you to improve your unique skills further. Your parents too will be pleased with your performance. You may also get enough support from your classmates as well as from your teachers and mentors hence there may be a pleasant and progressive environment around you this week.


Your health is likely to improve during this week. As the week progresses, robust health is foreseen for you. Due to favorable planetary influences, you may be able to lead a healthy life devoid of pressure. Your positive approach may add to your fitness. You may focus on your diet and exercise which can help you to keep you fit and fine. If you are suffering from any ailments, you may get cured now. The week seems good to regain vitality and adopt a healthy lifestyle to ensure excellent energy levels and stamina.


Your income during this week may remain good amid some complex conditions at the financial front. Planets may force you to become more disciplined in your approach and structure your finance during this week. However, the middle part of this week could be a testing time and the decision that you make may impact your financial status strongly in the coming months. This can be a period to take wise decisions and actions in the right direction. This period indicates some important financial dealings and may remain very important for your financial prospects.


There may be some opportunities for growth in your career during this week but, in spite of a better position, some uncertainty and obstacles may continue to bother you. The workload is likely to increase during this period. Some disruption may not allow you to remain focused particularly around the end of this week. You need to act with the patience, persistence, and diligence to proceed in a stepwise manner and to deal with complex situations. The planetary movement this week may not be favorable for business. As the week progresses, there are chances of progress and an increase in gain.

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